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Since the company published Korea's first “Environmental Report” in 1995, POSCO has published a sustainability-related corporate performance report every year. Starting with its declaration of the management philosophy as “A corporate citizen building a better future together” in 2018, POSCO has remained committed to communicating and sympathizing with all stakeholders, including customers, employees, and shareholders, and continuously changing and innovating to create greater corporate value. Our sustainability Report allows you to see POSCO's ESG (environmental, social, and governance) activities at a glance. Going forward, POSCO will disclose the related information and publish the report in line with the standards demanded by the international community.
Sustainability Report 2022
This report presents POSCO’s corporate citizenship philosophy and ESG performance data for its sustainability management strategy. Corporate citizenship serves as POSCO’s cultural identity, infusing the organization with a distinct personality. This management philosophy is centered around the values of consideration, harmonious coexistence, and coprosperity, aiming to foster shared growth with all stakeholders. By proactively addressing societal challenges and fulfilling our corporate role in creating a better society, our goal is to continue to evolve as an organization that others seek to collaborate with, and as a distinguished enterprise that can sustainably grow for decades to come.

※ All contents on the website and related materials such as the Sustainability Report apply only to POSCO, a steel company.