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Corporate Citizenship, Beyond ESG

Based on management philosophy of Corporate Citizenship,
POSCO Group will contribute to a better world.
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Corporate Citizenship

With the goal to take part in addressing social issues and contribute to fostering a more prosperous world and better tomorrow for humanity, since 2018, POSCO Group has been practicing the management philosophy of Corporate Citizenship.

Corporate Citizenship goes above and beyond the principles recommended in ESG management; our vision embraces coexistence and joint advancement with all stakeholders, as a means to generate greater corporate value, seek continuous growth and contribute to sustainable development.
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What is Corporate Citizenship?

This concept has added the characteristics of a citizen to a company, referring to the one that fulfills the role and responsibility of coexistence and symbiosis for social development like a citizen in modern society.

Based on POSCO Corporate Citizenship

employees apply this management philosophy to all decisions they make, voluntarily participating in creating a better society based on care and sharing at work and in everyday life.

Take another step together. Go the Extra Mile!

Just as mature citizens step up and do good things for their community, corporate citizens also practice the values of fairness, transparency and ethics, taking a step further for social progress in all management activities and day-to-day operations. POSCO constantly communicates with stakeholders and reinvents and innovates itself with the business philosophy of corporate citizenship.