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ESG Strategy

POSCO’s ESG policies and guidelines outline our approach to environmental protection, social responsibility and good governance.
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ESG Approach

Guided by our corporate citizenship management philosophy, POSCO is promoting an eco-friendly leadership, fostering a sustainable social community, and practicing an ESG management philosophy via an advanced management system. As part of this commitment, we have developed a five key ESG initiatives, encompassing Environmental (E), Social (S), and Governance (G) under the keyword GREEN, a term symbolic of our focus on sustainable future materials. To implement and systematically manage these ESG commitments, POSCO has identified nine core areas linked to the GREEN framework. These efforts are designed to build a consensus on ESG management practices throughout the organization while enhancing and embedding employee understanding

Materiality Assessment

Every year, POSCO carries out a materiality assessment, identifying material issues based on the risks and opportunities faced by the steel industry. In our recent assessment, we have implemented the concept of double materiality. This approach takes into account not just the external environmental and social factors that can impact our financial status, but also the effect of our business operations on both the environment and society.

※ All contents on the POSCO website and related materials such as the Corporate Citizenship Report(POSCO Sustainability Report) apply only to POSCO, a steel company.