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Net Zero

POSCO's Initiative
for a Clean Earth

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What is Carbon Net Zero?

Energy use is indispensable to human activity; however, power generation produces greenhouse gases.
The Earth has self-cleansing power that naturally absorbs carbon dioxide produced by humans, thereby sustaining balance. However, global warming demands considerably greater commitment and action from humans. Hence, the goal is to achieve carbon net zero. Simply put, we must remove what we have put out; by absorbing to offset what has been emitted, the net carbon dioxide output must equal “0, ” or “Net Zero.”
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Climate Change, a Risk that Imperils Humanity

  • POSCO’s action on 1.5℃: risks and opportunities
    The UN IPCC special report published in 2018 stated that the average temperature rise must be kept within 1.5℃ above pre-industrial levels to prevent climate change-induced catastrophes.

    POSCO Group plans to analyze the risks and opportunities associated with the 1.5℃ scenario with a view to realigning its flagship steelmaking business and driving new businesses, such as rechargeable battery materials and hydrogen/LNG.
    포스코 1.5℃ 기후변화 시나리오: 리스크 및 기회 요인

Adding Velocity to the ‘2050 Carbon Net Zero’ Race

POSCO is reducing its carbon emissions with the vision to achieve net zero for the sustainable future for humanity.

POSCO wrote the “2050 Carbon Neutral Basic Roadmap” to add detail to its net zero vision and to act on mid to long-term strategies. By transitioning to low-carbon steelmaking and enhancing our portfolio of low carbon products, we intend to get ahead in this race to the future market. · Introduce electric furnaces and develop bridge technology to apply low-carbon processes on existing facilities
· Strengthen sales of low carbon product and make advance investments
· Build high-efficiency processes, i.e., smart and new breakthrough technologies
In 2020, POSCO was the first Asian steelmaker to commit to ‘net zero by 2050.’
We will usher in the new era of sustainable steelmaking by developing hydrogen reduction steelmaking technology.
Adding velocity to the ‘2050 carbon net zero’ race
To add substance to our 2050 net zero vision and galvanize action, we wrote the ‘2050 Carbon Neutrality Roadmap.’
Guidelines for Calculating and Reporting
Avoided Emissions in the Steel Industry
2021 한국 철강산업 - 사회적 온실가스 감축, 산정·보고 가이드라인 표지
POSCO teamed up with POSRI (POSCO Research Institute) to publish the Guidelines for Calculating and Reporting Avoided Emissions Reduction in the Steel Industry. As the first of its kind to be published in Korea, the guidelines present a method for estimating the volume of avoided emissions.