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Carbon Neutral Greenate

A master brand launched to encompass our carbon neutral offerings in steel technology, process and infrastructure.

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What is Greenate?

POSCO is taking part in a greater social effort to innovate products and technologies and to cut carbon emissions.
With our greater involvement in activities designed to reduce carbon emissions and faced with escalating questions from our stakeholders, i.e., investors, customers, government agencies, about our carbon abatement initiatives, we were compelled to launch an intuitive brand that would help to communicate our efforts, goals and progress.
In November 2022, as a model net-zero business leader in Korea, we hosted the Green Materials Forum with the goal to build and enhance diverse customer relationships. At the Forum, we launched 'Greenate' our master brand for carbon neutral offerings.

Greenate combines 'green' with the suffix '-ate,' which means 'to cause to become (like).' In this brand name, we wish to express POSCO's commitment to making our planet greener.

Greenate co-driven by three sub-brands

POSCO offers a wide range of products and solutions, ranging from steel products to low-carbon steel technology and processes. Most recently, we have added future-ready hydrogen-based ironmaking to the list.
Likewise, POSCO's sustainability master brand Greenate currently comprises STEEL, TECH&PROCESS and INFRA; moving forward, Greenate will continue to evolve to encompass more state-of-the-art technology and product offerings.

Greenate STEEL / Low-carbon steel products. Greenate STEEL consists of eco-friendly products that: 1) have minimal footprint* and/or 2) enhance handprint** /* Refers to products that minimize carbon footprint throughout the production process. /** Refers to products that have contributed to reduced carbon footprint throughout the use lifecycle, from consumption to disposal.
Greenate TECH&PROCESS / low-carbon steel technology and process. advanced electric furnace; low carbon BF-BOF bridge technology ***; hydrogen-based ironmaking technology/process, CCUS and so on. / *** Includes the injection of hydrogen-containing gas, direct use of metallics, and expansion of pellet use.
Greenate INFRA / general infrastructure required to drive Greenate projects, including reliable source of hydrogen.
gray hydrogen projects / blue hydrogen project / eco-friendly power infrastructure projects / partnership platform / (HyREX R&D) ...

Destination Greenate

Our commitment to build a 'green planet' by engaging in carbon net-zero activities.

Greenate represents POSCO's comprehensive initiative that suggests our future direction and our strategy and progress toward achieving carbon net zero. Hence, it is the master net-zero brand that encapsulates our future vision. More specifically, Greenate is how we will achieve full net zero, create a sustainable circular economy and build a green Earth habitat. Moreover, the double 'e' in the name denotes the symbol of infinity, symbolizing our determination to be steadfast and consistent in practicing the environmentally-conscious principles.

  • Greenate 'STEEL'
    See what we will do to stay ahead of the steelmaking industry's goal to achieve carbon neutrality and to help communities attain a smaller footprint.

    Our solutions will include carbon abatement through the use of low-carbon fuel, raw materials, energy and processes; in addition, we will offer a wide range of low-carbon products that meet the needs of the community.
  • Greenate 'TECH&PROCESS'
    Greenate TECH&PROCESS represents our technology and process leadership as demonstrated by the implementation of many advanced approaches, such as the electric furnace, low carbon bridge technology, hydrogen-based ironmaking and CCUS.

    In addition to the deployment of an electric furnace, our existing facilities will be redesigned to consume less coal and energy by adopting bridge technologies, e.g., use of low carbon materials (HBI), low HMR operation, CCUS.

    Additionally, we will validate HyREX, POSCO's proprietary hydrogen-based ironmaking process, scheduled to be commercialized by 2030. By adopting the proven FINEX technology that employs the fluidized reduction furnace, HyREX will be gradually phased in to help POSCO achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • Greenate 'INFRA'
    Greenate INFRA is committed to providing fertile ground on which Green STEEL and Green TECH&PROCESS activities can flourish.

    A system for the production and supply of hydrogen will be deployed to make hydrogen-based ironmaking a reality; sustainable power grid will be built to help us achieve carbon net-zero.

    We will continue to engage in a variety of activities to reduce carbon emissions. For instance, through HyREX R&D Partnership launched in 2021, we intend to drive technological cooperation across the steelmaking value chain, in raw materials, steelmaking and equipment & facilities. Moreover, we will keep abreast of global initiatives for hydrogen-based ironmaking and continue to discuss emissions abatement through HyIS Forum.
So begins POSCO's project
to build a sustainable green planet Earth
with the quest to be fully carbon-neutral,

put in motion a sustainable cyclical economy,
build a mutually-complementary community
and recover our green habitat.
Great Plan for Green Planet