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[PR Movie] Corporate Citizenship: Building a Better Future Together with POSCO (Eng, 2022)

[PR Movie] Corporate Citizenship: Building a Better Future Together with POSCO (Eng, 2022)

2022 NEW PR Movie of POSCO

Narration / Subtitles

For the past 50 years, POSCO has had one goal:
to make the best steel. The steadfast effort has earned us the title
"the most competitive steelmaker in the world"

Now, as we gear up to embark on a new journey,
we have acquired another badge:

'Corporate Citizenship POSCO'

A new badge represents a new 'promise'.
Taking ESG as a new management vision,
we declared our commitment to be carbon neutral by 2050.

We will remove carbon emissions from our steel-making process.
From rechargeable battery materials for the new mobility era,
to hydrogen, the next generation clean energy source,
POSCO Group will get ahead in the competition.

And we intend to demonstrate
how devoted we are to achieve carbon net zero through
the eco-friendly materials of the future for the benefit of humankind and the environment.

This is what compels POSCO Group to choose
to be a 'corporate citizenship.'

For a sustainable tomorrow for all people, we propose to build
a better future together as corporate citizenship.
POSCO Group stands with you on this journey.
By striving perpetually for the past 50 years

to manufacture the highest quality steel, we've represented our commitment by living up to our first name,
A Steel Company That Has Achieved Outstanding Global Competitiveness POSCO
On a new starting line,
we have earned our second name.
Corporate Citizen POSCO
As a new name is a symbol of a new 'promise',
we have set ESG management as our new vision
and declared to become carbon neutral by 2050.

POSCO Group will manufacture steel without carbon emissions,
and be ahead of the competition,
from creating secondary battery materials that will lead us into the new mobility era
to the hydrogen business, a next-generation source of clean energy

And we will demonstrate
how devoted we are
to creating the eco-friendly materials of the future
and achieving carbon neutrality for all of mankind.

This is the reason POSCO Group chose becoming a 'corporate citizen' as our path.
Toward a sustainable tomorrow for all

At POSCO, steel represents 53 years of our history riddled with trials and triumphs that shaped our identity.

We rose from a humble mill to a global integrated steelworks leader.
The story of growth continued from Yeongil Bay and Gwangyang Bay to the Miracle of the Han River. But, it didn't stop there.

Moving beyond the shores of Korea to the world, we have written new histories.

Produced molten steel for the first time
Foundation Ceremony of Pohang Steel / Inauguration of President Tae-jun Park
Groundbreaking Ceremony of Pohang Steel Mill Phase 1
Achieved 100 billion KRW in exports, 100 billion KRW in sales
Established the academic foundation Steel Academy
Completion of Pohang Steel Mill Phase 4 Facilities
Establishment of R&D Center
Completion of Pohang Steel Mill Phase 3 Facilities
Joint development of Green Hills Mine in Canada
Completion of Pohang Steel Mill Phase 4 Facilities
Operation of Gwangyang Blast Furnace 1
Completion of Gwangyang Phase 1 Facilities
Enlisted as 1st People's Stock
Completion of Quarter Century Construction Project
First Korean company to be enlisted in New York Stock Exchange
Completion of POSCO Center
Completion of Gwangyang Mini Mill 1
Establishment of Zhangjiagang Pohang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. in China
Privatization of POSCO
Establishment of POSCO Holdings
Completion of Integrated Steel Mill PT Krakatau Posco in Indonesia
Declaration of Corporate Citizen Charter

Today, POSCO enjoys many titles and descriptions.
To achieve value beyond being just an industry-leader,
we have established POSCO Holdings to advance toward our new dream of becoming 'a global business leader that stands at the forefront of creating a sustainable future for mankind.'

No. 1 in quality among steel mills for 12 consecutive years
Possesses world's 1st and 2nd largest steel works 1st: Gwangyang Works / 2nd: Pohang Works
Reached accumulated crude steel production of 10.5 billion tons Coil length equivalent to 56 round trips between Earth and the moon
1 out of 10 cars around the world use POSCO steel
Established POSCO Holdings to achieve value beyond being just an industry-leader
Maintained black figures since establishment

7th highest revenue among Korean companies Revenue / Operating Profit (57.8 trillion KRW in revenue, consolidated, '20)
162 subsidiaries in 52 countries worldwide (As of February 2021)

In 2018, 'Corporate Citizenship Management Philosophy' was proclaimed.
In 2019, the Corporate Citizenship Charter was released to seek growth in concert with local communities.

An ESG Committee was launched to strengthen our commitment to social responsibility.
This committee rigorously monitors major ESG policies and our activities.

We stand in the front lines to protect the environment and to build a sustainable industrial ecosystem,
And take active part to grow with the community and to solve social problems.
We ensure that our workplace is safe and respect diversity.
This is how corporate citizenship POSCO will 'build a better future together.'

Practice ESG Management
Established ESG Committee
2050 POSCO Carbon Neutral Vision
Reduction Route by Business Sites: Average of base year (2017-2019)
CO2 emissions reduced by 78.8 million tons
Greenhouse gas reduction
Set social reduction goals through development of carbon products and recycling byproducts along with emission reduction in business sites
Corporate Citizen POSCO
Mutual Growth
Fair & Transparent
Embrace Diversity
Harmony with Society

We are accelerating the transition to a green tomorrow by making available eco-friendly products that augment the sustainability of steel.

e-Autopos is our environmentally-conscious automotive solution brand that includes EV battery materials and steel designed to encase the battery pack.

Greenable is our steel and wind, solar and hydrogen power solution brand.

and INNOVILT is our eco-friendly brand for high strength steel used in construction. Across the entire span of future industries, we intend to lead the age of green steel.
Eco-friendly steel
for getting closer to carbon neutrality
Integrated eco-friendly automotive product / solutions brand

Premium steel construction materials

By building a smart steelworks,
We enhance productivity and quality
While lowering the cost of production.

To ensure the safety of our plant operators
and to protect the environment
The future smart factory continues to evolve.

Achieved AI-powered smart steel works

POSCO is bracing for the new age of mobility.
We will produce and distribute core materials, Ranging from lithium and nickel that feed into EV batteries,
Extending into cathodes and anodes, Thereby building the world's only integrated EV materials value chain.
From next-generation materials technologies for more convenient and safer batteries to recycling to protect the environment, POSCO will be in the vanguard for the new mobility era with their unmatched leadership in material technologies.

Lead the new mobility era
with secondary battery materials

Produce lithium and nickel
Salt Lake in Argentina
Produce cathode and anode materials
Built secondary battery material value chain

POSCO is also leading eco-friendly businesses in the energy sector.
Our attention is also focused on hydrogen, a future clean energy source.
Across the entire value chain, from production to storage, distribution and application, We continue to grow our Group skills and competence.

In October 2021, POSCO brought the world's steelmakers to one place.
We successfully organized the first global forum on hydrogen reduction iron and steelmaking, adding speed to the steel industry's goals to achieve carbon net zero.

Lead the green energy market of the future
Established a system for producing 7 million tons of hydrogen
Presented the vision of a leading green hydrogen company that drives the hydrogen economy
Transportation, storage
Solar, Wind Power generation
Nitrogen Green hydrogen Ammonia synthesis
Ammonia reforming hydrogen production
Hydrogen charging station
Hydrogen-based power generation Hydrogen-recovery steel production
Research hydrogen-recovery steel production method
Expand byproduct hydrogen production facilities
Established infrastructure for distributing green hydrogen
Established Hydrogen Iron & Steel Making Forum

Furthermore, POSCO Group is increasing synergy between businesses by completing an eco-friendly energy supply chain that covers production, trading, transportation, and storage of natural gases such as LNG, which is recognized as a type of clean energy due to its lower carbon dioxide emission amongst fossil fuels.

In particular, the Myanmar gas reserve is a successful case of overseas resource development. Once the natural gas has been mined offshore, its impurities are removed, and it is then moved to land through an onshore gas pipeline.
Furthermore, POSCO is also contributing to creating a cleaner environment through the solar and wind-powered renewable energy business.

Daily gas production capacity
500 million ft3

500 million ft3: Daily urban gas consumption of Seoul

Myanmar Gas Pipeline

Gwangyang LNG Terminal

Incheon LNG Combined Cycle Power Plant

Myanmar / China / Kyauk Phyu / Yenanchaung / Thaung Thar / Mandalay / Namhkam / Lijiang / Kunming / Yuxi / Guiyang / Guilin / Guigang / Vietnam / Laos / Thailand

Shinan Solar Power Generation

Jeonnam Onshore Wind Power Generation

POSCO Group is making the spaces we live in more convenient, beautiful, and interconnected.
By constructing Songdo International City, the first free economic zone in Korea, POSCO Group has built the success model of a smart city.
And with smart homes and buildings offering improved convenience and energy efficiency thanks to smart technologies, POSCO Group is presenting a new paradigm of construction.

Moreover, POSCO Group is executing mega projects at home and abroad, including the construction of plants, bridges, roads, and skyscrapers.
By combining state-of-the-art ICT with our engineering technologies, we are at the forefront of smart advancements and creating eco-friendly infrastructure-based growth in SoC projects such as airports and road networks.
POSCO Group is also securing the bridgehead to expand the food business to become one of its core businesses of the future while also making strong contributions to the nation's food security by operating overseas grain terminals.

Realize housing of the future
and secure global food resources
Songdo International City
Smart buildings, smart homes
Brazil CSP Steel Works
Incheon International Airport Baggage Handling Facility
Incheon-Gimpo Expressway Traffic Management System
Ukraine Grain Terminal
Myanmar Rice Processing Plant

A platform to discover and cultivate tomorrow's venture companies, That is Change-up Ground

Taking advantage of various resources within POSCO Group,
We offer innovative support programs to incubate startups.
adding vigor to the venture ecosystem and assisting new growth industries.
As a result, by creating a link to Silicon Valley,
We hope to serve as a Pacific valley.

Create jobs by building a venture platform Secure new growth engines
Change-up Ground Pohang
Change-up Ground Seoul

In the end, 'together' is possible by engaging with 'people.'
POSCO Group is committed to building tomorrow with you through a variety of CSR activities.

Local community experiences are enriched by Park1538 and Space Walk.
Ecosystems are preserved by the Clean Ocean Volunteer Group through sea forestation activities.
By providing educational support to future generations,
The reach of our CSR activities can extend beyond Korea into the world
To build a sound community for all people around the globe.

A company that puts people and society first
Prime Minister Award in the 11th Korean Landscape Awards Awarded the 12th Steelie Award
Multi-functional cultural space for citizens 'Park1538'
Korea's largest experience-based structure 'Space Walk'
Clean ocean volunteer group activities
Sea Forestation using steel slags
Educational support activities, AI Big Data Academy, employment training, etc.
POSCO 1% Sharing Foundation
Volunteer work in Korea and abroad Medicine, education, etc.

Together we will make sure
To create a workplace where everyone feels content,
Work and life balance is struck,
Corporate culture brings labor and management together forged by trust and respect,
Diverse training programs are supported to ensure work and learning,
And work environment is safe and pleasant.

POSCO Concert
Pohang Hyoja Art Hall Cultural Performances
Gwangyang Baekwun Art Hall Cultural Performances
Art Museum, Still Gallery, Harmony Shared Workplace Daycare Center
Employee family invitation events
In-house clubs
POSCO Kids Concert
New recruit and employee education program
POSCO Technology University POSCO's Bachelor's Degree Program
Safety Report Website Report unsafe activities/status
Smart Safety Ball Confined Space Harmful Gas Detector

What is the true meaning of corporate citizenship?

We continue to mull over this question.

The wing span of our 'togetherness' embraces all humankind and its future.

Hence our transformation is more bold and far-reaching.

We set out for the next 100 years
With the goal to transition
From a steelmaker to an environmentally-conscious industrial materials business.

A Corporate Citizenship committed to building a better future together,
We are POSCO Group.
Corporate Citizenship : Building a Better Future Together, POSCO Group

Corporate Citizenship : Building a Better Future Together, POSCO Group

2021 POSCO Group PR Video

Narration / Subtitles


Serving as the knowledge of mankind.
The spirit of the nation.
The flower of civilization.

Steel has been the symbol of hope.
Steel has been the backbone of mankind's growth.

Back in the days, when Korea was extremely impoverished, Steel played a pivotal role in industrial development.

No capital, technology or experience, yet, our journey to becoming a steel manufacture never stopped.

The first molten iron poured into the blast furnace in June 1973 led to the success stories of Yeongil Bay and Gwangyang Bay, and paved the way for the Miracle on the Han River.

Even after building Pohang and Gwangyang Steel Works, POSCO never ceased to go forward and beyond.

POSCO's spirit of "Natural Resources are Finite, but Creativity is Infinite" proved its power on the global stage.

POSCO Group's 53-year history is the legacy of rising to challenges through blood, sweat, and tears.

On top of its stature as a worldclass steelmaker, POSCO is expanding its business to trading, construction, energy, ICT, and secondary battery materials.

As a corporate citizen building a better future together, POSCO is preparing for another leap forward.

[Body - Business With POSCO - Steel]

Steel is the core business of POSCO Group.

From production and usage to scrapping and recycling,
steel is an eco-friendly material.

From automobiles to buildings, energy and home appliances,
We find steel everywhere in our daily lives.

By manufacturing high-quality steel, POSCO Group contributes to a better standard of living, and leads the future steel market with World Top Premium products.

POSCO is manufacturing lightweight yet safe automotive steel for Neo Mobility,
Eco-friendly automotive steel and utilization solutions for the New Mobility era,
High strength steel to withstand extreme conditions for Eco-energy equipment,
and architectural steel, highly resistant to earthquakes and corrosion for the Mega City sector.
POSCO is also leading the way by implementing smart manufacturing processes.
POSCO utilizes cutting edge technologies including Big Data, AI, and IoT
to build clean and safe Smart Factories.
Through MES 3.0, which achieves integrated manufacturing and quality control, POSCO is improving its cost competitiveness as well as accelerating Smart Factory 2.0.

[Body - Business With POSCO - New growth engine business that will lead the future ]

Dreaming of becoming a centennial company, POSCO Group is committed to nurturing new growth engine businesses that will respond to changes in future business environments.
The future is a new mobility era.
POSCO began manufacturing the key materials for batteries needed in the new mobility era.
Lithium. So useful that its referred to as white oil.
POSCO is the worlds first company to successfully extract lithium from discarded batteries, and secure resources from a salt lake in Argentina and a mine in Australia.
Cathodes and anodes, made from lithium and graphite respectively, are transformed into secondary battery to be provided to global partners such as Electronic Vehicle manufacturers.
POSCO Group is also using steel byproducts to lead the production of carbon materials, the high-value-added materials of the future.
Furthermore, POSCO will achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, pioneer the hydrogen business, which is the clean energy of the future, and present a vision to lead the era of decarbonization.
In addition to strengthening our capabilities for developing core hydrogen production technologies and expanding by-product hydrogen production, we will make large-scale investments in the green hydrogen business.

[Body - Business With POSCO - Energy]

POSCO Group runs an eco-friendly business in the energy sector as well.
LNG, or liquefied natural gas, is considered clean energy as it emits less carbon dioxide than other fossil fuels.

POSCO Group is enhancing its business synergy by building an overarching energy value chain that covers gas production, trading, transportation, storage, and power generation.

The Myanmar Gas Reserve is a successful case of overseas resource development.

Natural gas, produced offshore, Is supplied to inland users via above-ground gas pipelines after impurities are removed.

And by expanding to renewable businesses using solar and wind power, POSCO Group is contributing to a cleaner environment.

[Body - Business With POSCO - Construction and ICT]

POSCO Group connects our living space to be more convenient and beautiful.

We created a smart city model by constructing Songdo International City, Koreas first free economic zone.

Utilizing smart technologies, we present a whole new paradigm of construction with smart homes and smart buildings that offer improved convenience and energy efficiency.

POSCO Group is also conducting large projects in Korea and overseas, including plant and highway constructions.

By combining advanced ICT and engineering technologies, POSCO is leading the smartization of SOC such as airport and traffic systems.

[Body - Business With POSCO - Discover new growth engines]

To discover future growth engines, POSCO Group engages in industry-academia research cooperation with POSTECH and RIST to focus on R&D.

Our outstanding researchers of POSTECH and RIST are utilizing advanced equipment, including the synchrotron radiation accelerator to conduct studies in materials, energy, environment and biotech.

It will enable us to cope with the issues expected in our future society, such as environmental pollution, depletion of resources, an aging population, and discover new business opportunities.

Furthermore, we are expanding the value chain of our food business as our core business of the future along with achieving significant progress in improving the nations food security by operating overseas grain terminals.

And POSCO has founded the Venture Valley to achieve sustainable growth, and build the momentum for the future.

[Body - Society With POSCO]

As a responsible corporate citizen, POSCO Group engages in various CSR activities.

We share with and care for the local communities and the global citizens of where POSCO operates.
We support our future generations independence and the dream of our neighbors.

POSCO Group believes in the 1% miracle against all odds.
The 1% donation from all our employees is making the world a brighter place in areas where love and support are needed the most.

[Body - People With POSCO]

POSCO Group believes that the happiness of its employees is the key to companys growth, and thats why we put people at the center.

At POSCO Group, the labor and management work hand in hand for a healthy corporate culture based on trust and respect.

In line with the changing lifestyle, POSCO creates a work environment that promotes the balance of work and life, and makes strong efforts to become a family-friendly company.

To nurture human resources with character and competence, POSCO offers various educational opportunities to the employees.

We always dream of a world.
That is safer.
More convenient.
And brighter.
Standing by you, for our better future, and for our dreams,
POSCO is a corporate citizen who builds a better future together.