Code of Ethics

Practice of Ethics and Compliance with Law

As a global enterprise, we will nurture ethical corporate culture by performing management activities faithful to basic principles and complying with laws and ethics.

Employees and Executives' Work Life Balance

We will pursue personal growth and corporate development by maintaining work and life balance, and create a happy workplace by establishing a corporate culture of mutual respect.

Creation of Customer Value and Building Trust

Recognizing that customers' trust and success is the future for us, we will always respect customers' opinions, endeavor to understand customers, and create values that are helpful for customers' growth.

Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealings Toward Investors

We will maximize investors' values by realizing legitimate profits through transparent decision-making and effective management activities.

Building Win-Win Relations with Business Partners

We will establish a fair trade system based on mutual trust, and build a corporate eco-system where interested parties co-exist and grow together.

Contribution to the Country and Society

We will contribute to the growth of the country and society by fulfilling our responsibilities and duties as a global corporate citizen.

Protection of Environment and Preservation of Eco-system

We will establish an environmental management system, strengthen our ability to deal with environmental risks, and implement environmentally friendly management through open communication.

Protection of and Respect for Human Rights

We will respect human rights, support international standards for human rights, and uphold the dignity of all interested parties by improving freedom, safety, and quality of life.