2003 ~ PresentGlobalization

  • Future to build together
  • POSCO has undertaken numerous efforts to grow into a global blue-chip company. The company marked a milestone in the history of the global steel industry by completing the world's first commercial FINEX facilities, and continued its success story by actively making inroads into overseas markets, such as Zhangjiagang Pohang Stainless Steel and PT.KRAKATAU POSCO, with a never-ending spirit of challenge. POSCO, steadily marching forward over the past 50 years with the firm conviction of steel patriotism, will push on down the path of the New POSCO road, continuing to build a company that will even more deeply align with customers in the future.
  • 2003
  • June 2Officially declared Codes of Conduct

    July 3Opened POSCO Museum

    November 7Launched POSCO-China

  • 2005
  • September 8Launched POSCO TJ Park Foundation

  • 2007
  • May 30Completed construction of world's first commercialized FINEX facility (1.5 million tons per year, FINEX No.2 Plant)

  • 2008
  • January 29Held first POSCO Global EVI Forum

    November 3SNNC launched ferronickel plant

  • 2009
  • August 6Launched company's first overseas automotive steel plate plant (Mexico CGL facilities)

    October 19Launched cold-rolled facilities in Vietnam; largest of its kind in Southeast Asia

  • 2010
  • January 22Launched POSCO ICT

    November 1Daewoo International incorporated into POSCO Group

    November 4Completed construction of Global R&D Center in Songdo