1993 ~ 2002Privatization

  • "Flower" that newly blooms
  • POSCO, which has successfully completed its extensive history leading from Pohang to Gwangyang, declared the the creation of a New POSCO' in preparation for a new age. Furthermore, the company was successfully listed on the New York and London stock exchanges based on its credit rating, ranked highest in the global steel industry, and enhanced its management transparency by introducing an external director system and external audit system. POSCO, which transformed itself into a private enterprise in 2000 with continued public trust, secured a world-leading competitiveness through its continuous process innovation.
  • 1993
  • April 1Proclaimed creation of New POSCO

    October 1Relaxed commuting dress code

    October 18Became first company in South Korea to issue Samurai bond

    October 30Acquired ISO 9002 certification

  • 1994
  • June 1Established POSCO Research Institute (POSRI)

    June 15Published first issue of POSCO Newspaper (-July 30, 2015)

    October 14Listed on New York Stock Exchange

    December 1Launched POSCO Development

    December 7Completed construction of Pohang Light Source (PLS)

  • 1995
  • August 31Opened POSCO Center

    November 28Launched new smelting plant (COREX)

  • 1996
  • January 30Recouped Japan claim funds

    October 15Completed Construction of Gwangyang 1 mini-mill

  • 1997
  • February 15Established Zhangjiagang Pohang Stainless Steel (ZPSS) in China

    March 14Introduced external director system and external auditor system

    November 20Launched labor-management council

  • 1998
  • July 28Decided to implement reduced output system for first time since company's foundation

  • 2000
  • January 3Sold Shinsegi Telecom, Inc.

    April 18Fired up Gwangyang Works No. 5 blast furnace

    August 2Signed strategic partnership with Nippon Steel Corporation

    August 30Launched cybermarket

    October 4Completed company's privatization

  • 2001
  • July 2Introduced POSPIA

  • 2002
  • March 15Changed company name to POSCO