POSCO Affiliates


    Becoming a Global Leader

    POSCO Coated & Color Steel Co.,Ltd. (POSCO C&C), an affiliate of POSCO C&C, was established in 1988 at the Pohang Steel Complex as a coated-steel manufacturer of galvanized and aluminized steel sheets, with an annual production capacity of 300,000 tons per year. It M&A Pohang Steel Industies, a color steel sheet manufacturer on March 1, 1999, and the cold center on May 1 of the same year. After that, it completed its corporate restructuring process and is now growing as a world-class coated steel sheet manufacturer.

  • SNNC

    Global leader of Fe-Ni smelting technology

    SNNC is a joint venture between POSCO and SMSP, New Caledonia's largest nickel exporter, manufacturing and selling Fe-Ni - the main material of stainless steel and other byproducts. SNNC, with an electric furnace featuring the world's largest single unit production capacity, is writing a new history in Fe-Ni manufacturing based on the best technology, and the world's best Fe-Ni factory in terms of quality and energy reduction. The company is the first to domestically manufacture and supply Fe-Ni to POSCO, securing a stable supply of materials while contributing to securing the country's six major strategic minerals.


    Intellectual Asset Total Solution Provider

    POSCO RTECH is a professional intellectual asset management company incorporated on June 8, 2017, as a subsidiary of POSCO. We focus on helping our clients unlock the value of intellectual assets with our intellectual property protection and patenting support services. Our technological information research and professional analysis services provide our clients with valuable insights. POSCO RTECH thrives alongside its clients, positioning itself as a one-stop provider for intellectual asset management solutions.

  • Pohang Special Welding
  • Pohang Special Welding

    Pohang Special Welding

    Pohang Special Welding specializes in developing and producing special welding materials suited for new industrial environments, such as in ultra-low temperatures, ocean energy, and super high strength. As competition among steel products is intensifying both at home and abroad, POSCO has been focusing on developing and selling strategic products to ensure it offers competitive value, while Pohang Special Welding is contributing to helping customers enhance their competitiveness by developing superior-quality welding materials, and providing them to customers in combination with steel products. Recently, it developed high manganese steel welding materials for the first time in the world. It is a comprehensive solution provider for welding materials that contributes to the commercialization of POSCO high manganese steel products, and provides the best technical services through the synergy between steel and welding materials technologies.