POSCO Affiliates


    Beyond Trade, Pursuing FUTURE BUSINESS

    POSCO INTERNATIONAL is the number one general trading corporation in Korea, with a global marketing competence and 80 global networks world-wide. POSCO INTERNATIONAL is engaged in international trade in steel, automobile components, agricultural products, and investment business, building a value chain from resources development to the construction of power plants. Moving beyond the conventional role of a general trading corporation, POSCO INTERNATIONAL is making its way towards becoming a global integrated corporation by conducting direct business throughout the whole value chain for future growth.



    POSCO E&C is based on expert engineering technologies and man power, with experience established in the integrated steelworks of POSCO - a worldwide competitive steelmaker. Its business areas include steel/environmental/energy plants, light-rail transit, skyscrapers, new city/complex development, and new/renewable energy facilities, aiming to grow into a global engineering and construction company.


    POSCO ENERGY, Korea's first and largest IPP, continues to march forward, growing into a globally recognized, comprehensive energy provider.

    POSCO ENERGY is engaged in the businesses of power generation, fuel cells, and new renewable energy as a specialized energy entity of POSCO Group. Since launching our energy business in 1969, POSCO ENERGY has served as a provider of stable electric power to metropolitan areas for more than 50 years, becoming Korea's largest independent power producer, enabled by the operation of our off-gas combined cycle power plants as well as coal-fired thermal power plant.

    We are fully committed to the Korean government's "Renewable Energy 3020" action plan with our expansion into fuel cells-a high-efficiency and eco-friendly decentralized power source, as well as renewable sources of energy such as wind and photovoltaic power. Building on our extensive experience in the Korean market, POSCO ENERGY is evolving into a global energy company by engaging in power generation projects in Indonesia, Vietnam, Botswana and other overseas regions.

    Building on our core foundations in power generation, POSCO ENERGY aims to develop into a global, eco-friendly energy company focused on gas and power by further expanding into gas power businesses through direct importation of LNG while developing key smart solutions needed to respond to future changes in the power generation industry.


    IT & engineering company

    POSCO ICT leads in "smartization" efforts by applying premier technology such as IoT, big data, AI, and block chain to existing industries like steel, construction, and energy. Such efforts serve as the basis for new growthdrivers in industries through unified interconnectivity between ICT and existing industries, boosting the competitiveness of the whole country. In particular, we have worked with POSCO on smart factory technologies in the world's first successful attempt to integrate smart applications within the steel industry; aprocess which led to the birth of "PosFrame", a platform for the fourth industrial revolution for all POSCO companies. PosFrame is recognized as the world's first highly advanced platform applicable to large projects and consecutive processes.

    We are also expanding on our successful experience in the field of smart energy for eco-friendly energy generation. Through the application of advanced technology producing efficient energy consumption in smart buildings and sustainable cities of the future, we aim to be at the forefront of this industry asthe technological leader in Korea. In addition, POSCO ICT focuses on the development of the "Smart X" solution project for a diverse portfolio of industries, which will commercialize technologies for smart management, smart construction, market networking, and block chain.


    POSCO Steel Processing & Service

    POSCO SPS is short for 'POSCO Steel Processing & Service' and specializes in steel processing. It is making efforts to maximize customer values by producing and processing materials, e.g. cold rolled steel products, precision rolled products, motor cores for environment-friendly cars, construction machinery, materials for heavy equipment and steel products for construction and components for shipbuilding.

    Also, as a With POSCO advocate, the company communicates with the local community, and is doing its best to 'Build a Better Future Together.'


    Global material specialization

    POSCO M-Tech started in 1973 as a company that specialized in raw steel material and steel packaging. Over the last 30 years, the company has advanced in all areas related to raw steel material supply and steel packaging for POSCO and oversea steel mills. POSCO M-Tech creates a synergistic effect between steel industries by utilizing the field of material business such as nonferrous metal refinement, ferro-alloy, etc., based on accumulated technology, and aims to elevate itself into an environmentally friendly global company through the resource recycling business.


    A total asset management company possessing the best technology

    Based on effective technology management through POSCO's public corporate culture and customer service, the key business areas of POSCO O&M are facility maintenance, housing management, and real estate rental and management. POSCO O&M will become the leader in building management by establishing trust with customers, and do its utmost to differentiate itself as a professional service company.


    Striving to produce value through innovative financial solutions leading to a better future

    POSCO CAPITAL is a stable shareholder-based financial company focusing on new technology, composed of POSCO and POSTECH. It was founded in order to discover and foster promising new technology companies and venture companies to lead the future paradigm of innovation.


    Creating and Delivering Great Satisfaction to our Customers

    POSCO TERMINAL was established in January, 2003 as a joint-venture between POSCO and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. POSCO TERMINAL provides logistical services for delivering bulk cargo to customers in fields such as power plants, cement manufacturing, and ferrous and non-ferrous material manufacturing. Our business areas include not only loading, storage, and unloading at the terminals in Gwangyang and Pohang, but also marine and inland transportation. POSCO TERMINAL is a profitable, socially responsible and environmentally conscious complex distribution company which aims to expand its services from North-East Asia to the rest of the world.


    Beyond One-Stop Service for a Better Space

    Since its foundation in 1970, POSCO A&C has contributed to the development of the Korean steel plant industry. In the foundational spirit of its mother corporation POSCO, with the idea that, "Natural Resources are Finite, but Creativity is Infinite," POSCO A&C is creating a human-centric construction culture within the long history of POSCO's development.

    In general construction, as well as in industrial plants including steel, environment, and energy, POSCO A&C has built itself into a leader in general design and construction as a Program Management (CM) company. On the basis of its abundant experience and technical power, POSCO A&C is advancing into the global CM market for a new take-off. Our field of business reaches to system design and realties consulting, as well as in construction.

    In the 21st century, with autonomy and creativity at its core, POSCO A&C will realize dreams in space. With the construction philosophy of providing wealth in daily life, POSCO A&C will be at the forefront of shaping the future of architecture.

  • eNtoB

    B2B (Business to Business) service provider in Korea's leading MRO Marketplace

    MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operation) is a generic term applied to consumable supplies used by businesses. Established in August, 2000 with capital of $16 million USD (₩16 billion KRW) invested by 25 affiliates of the five groups of POSCO, KT, Hanjin, Hyundai, and KCC, eNtoB Corporation is Korea's leading B2B MRO Marketplace.


    POSCO HUMANS helping the underprivileged gain independence and self-reliance

    POSCO HUMANS was born when POSWITH (a subsidiary-type standardized workplace) and POS Eco Housing (a social enterprise) were integrated for the purpose of providing job security to the underprivileged, such as the disabled, the elderly, and those from multicultural families. We devote all our effort to helping our neighbors become self-sufficient and build a world where happiness can be shared.

  • PNR

    POSCO's new environmental management standard PNR!

    PNR (POSCO-Nippon Steel RHF Joint Venture, Co. Ltd.) is an affiliated company of POSCO, established in January, 2008 after Japan's Nippon Steel Corporation proposed a joint venture using RHF (Rotary Heat Furnace) technology back in July, 2006. In an environment where prices of various materials are increasing drastically, the prices of materials for the steel industry were also soaring. The introduction of these environmentally friendly facilities offered benefits in two aspects of solving issues from consigning processing of byproducts outside of the company at additional costs, to collecting steel resources, as well as environmental pollution from burying byproducts or cement additives that potentially contain environmentally harmful material. The facilities process an annual 200,000 tons of dust and water treatment sludge from the steelwork's ironmaking and steelmaking processes manufacturing 140,000 tons of DRI (Direct Reduced Iron), and additionally has a casting process installed to handle long-distance delivery of the products to produce HBI (Hot Briquette Iron). The RHF process is a resource recirculation byproduct recycling process which not only accounts for a lack of resources from byproducts, but also uses finished products in the blast furnace process, which in turn is expected to cut down onreducing agent rates of charters. In connection with the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) project to reduce global greenhouse gases, and considering that Korea is included as an annex 1 country, the company secures carbon emission credits through this future-facing, environmentally friendly process.

  • Busan E and E
  • Busan E&E

    Waste to Energy, Unlimited

    Busan Environment & Energy (Busan E&E) is Korea's largest combined heat and power plant (900 tons/day, 24.8MW/h) that turns domestic waste into fuel. It actively contributes to local communities with electricity, thermal energy and distributed energy resources by transforming domestic waste, which used to be buried or incinerated, into solid refuse fuel. Busan E&E's resource circulation system, which turns waste resources into energy, is a realistic alternative for countries that lack sufficient resources. The company will continue to transform itself into a leading global company for turning waste resources into energy, contributing to local communities by replacing fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • SC bluepower
  • SC bluepower

    Eco-friendly power plants that prosper alongside local communities

    SC bluepower was established in November, 2011 as the largest independent power producer (IPP) project in Korea. It is located on the site of an abandoned limestone mine in Samcheok, Gangwon-do, and is striving towards high efficiency by using state-of-the-art power generation facilities based on local residents' high level of receptiveness to the construction of the power plant, and build a world-class power plant by installing industry-leading environmental equipment. The site development work started in August, 2018, and is now moving forward efficiently. In August, 2019, primary construction work will commence, and the overall construction of the power plant will be completed April, 2024 through mid- to long-term management of construction of subsidiary facilities, ports, power blocks, and power transmission lines. SC bluepower plans to actively contribute to stabilizing the national power supply and demand, and to invigorating the local economy by constructing efficient power plants, realizeing a new power generation model as an exemplary IPP in eco-friendly thermal power generation.