Social Responsibility

Since its establishment, POSCO identified its corporate mission as to contribute to the nation's development, and has carried out various social responsibility activities. Based on the efforts and achievements sofar, we now aim for a better world together with the POSCO Family.

Strategy Direction and Focused Areas

We have set three strategies and three focused areas for building a better world in order to implement strategic and systematic social responsibility activities.

Strategy Direction


Promoting collaboration with the government, specialized NGOs, media, etc.


Reinforcing connectivity through the core competencies and business characteristics of each POSCO Family member


Creating premium brand programs differentiated from other companies and existing programs

Three Focused Areas

Sustainable Community

Improving quality of life by establishing infrastructure and reducing inequality and gaps by expanding social and cultural plans

Quality Education

Reducing the educational gap and nurturing future human resources by expanding high-quality educational opportunities

Economic Empowerment

Improving accessibility to the job market and promoting economic independence

The Level of Hope Increases Through 1% Sharing
The POSCO 1% Foundation

The sharing spirit of POSCO employees is spreading to the world through the POSCO 1% Foundation. POSCO launched the POSCO 1% Foundation in November, 2013 to respond to the philanthropic urge of the members of the POSCO Family who shared 1% of their salary every month, using the money in meaningful philanthropic projects.

Please check POSCO's Sustainability Report for more details about CSR by POSCO and the POSCO 1% Foundation.