Environmental Management

Since the declaration of the Global Environmental Management Policy in 2010, POSCO has worked towards establishing an environmental management system for all business sites, including those overseas, and has promoted environmental integrity at business sites as well as within communities.

Full text of POSCO Family's environmental management policy

POSCO Family shall practice the following to reflect the environment as a key element of business strategies, secure environmental integrity based on technological development and open communication, and propel low-carbon green growth.

  • We secure global leadership by establishing a family environmental management system based on ISO14001.
  • We comply with environmental laws and constantly strive to protect the environment, considering all processes.
  • We minimize pollutants by implementing a clean manufacturing process and applying optimum prevention technology.
  • We establish a resource cycling society and improve ecological efficiency by efficiently using natural resources and by-products.
  • We reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lead low-carbon green growth by using clean energy and applying green technology.
  • We secure management transparency and aim for sustainability through public transparency of the performance of environmental management.

Global POSCO Family's Environmental Management Vision and Strategy

Environmental organizations

Chaired by the CEO, POSCO operates the Environmental Management Committee consisting of executives from domestic and overseas subsidiaries. The committee reviews the environmental management activities and performance of POSCO and the affiliates through regular meetings every year, analyzes key environmental trends both in Korea and overseas, and discusses relevant issues. The discussed items are reflected on and applied to the management plans of POSCO Group, and the quarterly implementation results are reviewed through the Environmental Management Committee attended by executives in charge of environmental management. Key issues are reflected in POSCO Group's mid- and long-term business strategies for environment and energy, deliberated and decided by the Management Committee under the Board of Directors along with the mid- and long-term business strategy plans at the group level, and reported at corporate management meetings and executive meetings chaired by the CEO every month. POSCO also has the Energy Environment Business Office at its headquarters, and the Environmental Resource Group at the steelworks for the smooth operation of the Environmental Management Committee.

Operation of the environmental management system

Since acquiring the ISO14001 certification in 1996, POSCO receives yearly suitability evaluations from an external institution, and also performs internal verification at least twice a year under the supervision of the environment department. Verification results are reported to the senior management level and are used to adapt environmental strategies and targets to maintain an efficient environmental management system.

EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification

POSCO has become the first Korean steelmaker to establish LCI DB (Life Cycle Inventory Database) based on its perceived environmentally friendliness and in consideration of the entire lifecycle of steel products, including product quality and performance, directly leading to attaining a competitive edge in steel products. POSCO also seeks to obtain EPD3) (Environmental Product Declaration) both in Korea and overseas with World Premium (WP)* products by POSCO.

* WP: POSCO's own proprietary products that are developed or under development for the first time in the world

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