POSCO classifies stakeholders into six categories - society, partners, shareholders/investors, customers, employees, and environment - and seeks ways to be loved by all of them.

Charter of Firm of Endearment

POSCO has achieved remarkable success and growth to become a global leader with outstanding competitiveness and strength. Moving beyond being simply a great company, POSCO is now well-poised to make its second big leap toward becoming a firm of endearment that contributes to the sustainable growth of society and the welfare of humanity through its unique philosophy and value. At the same time, we shall pursue a balance between the values of business, people, society, and the environment in order to become a firm that is truly loved by all stakeholders.


Serve as a responsible corporate citizen for social development

  • Develop the local community and fulfill social responsibilities to contribute to society.
  • Take a leading role in bringing forth a just society in cooperation with civic groups and the government.
  • Contribute to creating social value and culture as a free corporate citizen.


Attain shared growth as family

  • Ensure fair trade practice through healthy communication and mutual trust.
  • Foster competitiveness and growth potential in suppliers via win-win cooperation.
  • Establish a virtuous circle of sustainable and inclusive growth to enhance the competitiveness of the ecosystem


Make shareholders proud for investing in POSCO

  • Build shareholders' trust through transparent management and active communication
  • Protect shareholders' interests by increasing corporate value
  • Increase shareholders' future value through continued growth


Bring success to the customer

  • Satisfy customers with customer-oriented marketing and a trust-based relationship.
  • Realize customer value by facilitating their competence and competitiveness.
  • Advance the ecosystem of the market and accomplish sustainable growth with customers


Respect indivisuals and encourage self-realization

  • Foster employees' abilities and qualities to nurture their best talents.
  • Offer fair compensation to employees and help them strike a good work-life balance to improve their quality of life
  • Respect indivisuals and encourage employees' growth and self-realization through autonomy and trust


Create harmony between humanity and nature

  • Foster sustainable environment protection and green environment protection through low-carbon green growth
  • Lead the greening of industry by improving energy efficiency and developing clean technology
  • Develop new materials and energy sources to improve the ecosystem and promote more eco-friendly lifestyles and culture

Interviews with stakeholders

Every year, POSCO listens carefully to the feedback of experts in various fields such as investing institutions, rating agencies, academia, and press, and strives to reflect the feedback in the company's sustainable management policies. Please be sure to check POSCO Reports for interviews with stakeholders.