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Organizational Culture

Improving the Organizational Culture
Employees Action Guideline

Practicing Basics We established the "Guideline for Practicing the Basics" that promotes going back to basics, as part of our efforts to discard the sense of superiority, and to refrain from taking advantage of one's position and role for one's own convenience, or provide excessive benefits to particular ranks. The Guideline for Practicing the Basics is composed of five categories: Beautiful (using beautiful language), Abandon (abandoning the sense of authority and entitlement), Serve (serving the customer), Improve (correcting unfair practices) and Check (checking work principles). We are conducting promotion campaigns so that employees and executives will understand them, and we plan to improve systems and processes that may be misunderstood as a sense of superiority.

Making Gratitude a Custom

Thanks Sharing We are conducting a campaign to share gratitude by expressing thanks in everyday life. Moving away from one-time event activities that burn bright like campfire but go out quickly, the Thanks Sharing program is based on leaders' setting the example and employee's voluntary participation, that will burn low but long, like ember in a brazier. We anticipate that the culture of being thoughtful and appreciative of others will soften the organizational culture and help employees engage themselves in their work roles and create results.


The representative organization for open communication between employees is the Labor-Management Council and we also operate communication channels such as the Young Board and Junior Board. In addition, we operate the "POSCO &", a two-way channel to build consensus on the company's major policies and exchange views. In 2014, we began the meeting for conversation between highest-ranking management level and employees.

Young Board

Young Board is a communication channel, which began operation in 1999, where young employees can make suggestions regarding the company's strategies, and the management level can pick up fresh ideas. In 2007, this was expanded to employees of affiliated companies, and in 2009, to the POSCO Family including overseas branches.

Employee Meetings

We are expanding opportunities for communication through the meetings between high-ranking management level and employees. There is the "Group Meeting" where employees of certain groups such as female employees, or employees who joined POSCO through career change meet to exchange opinions on a given subject; and the "Luncheon Dialogue" where participants can talk freely on any subject. (Held seven times in 2014) Through these meetings, mutual sense of intimacy is built, points that need improvement are discovered and the employees get an opportunity to feel pride and sense of belonging.

HR Forum for Overseas Business Sites

Between September and November 2014, POSCO held the Global HR Forum targeting Southeast and Southwest Asia, North and Central America, Europe, China and Japan. The aim of the Global HR Forum was to share systematic policies for cultivating overseas human resources and enhance the HR competency of the dispatched employees to secure competitiveness of the overseas business sites, as POSCO Group's sales from overseas business have expanded and the number of overseas employees has surpassed that of employees working within Korea. At the forum, we emphasized the need for building universal and open HR criteria so that all members of the POSCO Group will have the same opportunity to advance to the highest level regardless of their company of origin or nationality. We also discussed ways of providing support for human resources development that can respond quickly to the changing environment of the global market.

Improving the Work Environment for Women

We build a working environment to alleviate the burden of pregnancy and childcare to help female employees concentrate on their work. We also present the vision for advancement so that they can realize their full capabilities.

Child Care
  • Day Care CenterWe operate day care centers in Pohang, Gwangyang and Seoul that can accommodate 430 children. They help alleviate the childcare burden, expand female employment, and contribute to increasing the birthrate.
  • Resting room for femaleThe resting room is designed for mothers where they can breastfeed their children, to help them do their jobs more easily.
Supporting Female Employee's Career Advancement
  • Parental Leave SystemIn addition to the 90 days' leave prior and after childbirth, female employees can use up to two years of parental leave without disadvantage in promotion or evaluation. Also, the prior approval system was changed to notice system to promote the parental leave system.
  • W-Leadership ProgramIn order to present a vision for advancement for the female employees, the W-Leadership Program provides opportunities for female employees who are experiencing a gap in their career due to childbirth and parenting to share information on various support programs and receive coaching from seniors on work and life. (twice/year)
  • Communication Channel for Female EmployeesWe operate an online in-house study group where all female employees join, which they can use to build networks, share information and resolve various grievances.