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Sustainability Management System

POSCO Subsidiaries CSR Assessment

Since 2011, POSCO has been collaborating with POSRI (POSCO Research Institute) for the assessment of POSCO Subsidiaries's CSR capabilities to enhance their CSR capabilities and for managing non-financial risks such as the environment and society. The assessment checklist adheres to the global sustainability guidelines such as ISO 26000, SAM-DJSI evaluation criteria and GRI guideline, while reflecting the characteristics of each Family company. It is upgraded every year to reflect the CSR trends and changes in the Family companies' business status.
The assessment checklist is comprised of 10 categories (such as CSR leadership, CSR vision and policies, CSR system/culture, customers, investors, and environment) and 61 criteria, and the special criteria that reflect the nature of that particular company's business. The process involves self-assessment and expert inspection & feedback, which are used for each company's improvement activities. The assessment results are reported at the CEOs' meeting.

  1. Philosophy of Firm Endearment
    • CSR Policy
    • CSR Implementation System
    • CSR Leadership
    • Stakeholder Management
  2. Performances in 6 Stakeholder Categories
    • Customer
    • Employee
    • Partner
    • Society
    • Investor
    • Environmen
POSCO Subsidiaries CSR Assessment Score in 2014

2011 - 8 Companies 65, 2012 - 8 Companies 71, 2013 - 12 Companies 76, 2014 - 12 Companies 76

* Subsidiaries that were assessed in 2014 : Daewoo International, POSCO E&C, POSCO ENERGEY, POSCO ICT, POSCO CHEMTECH, POSCO M-TECH, POSCO C&C

The assessment target companies were selected according to the company's size, nature of the industry and whether they have overseas operations and each company's priority. The 2014 assessment result shows that existing companies' CSR capacities are steadily growing.