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Sustainability Management System

Sustainability Management System

With the aim to systematically execute socially responsible corporate management, we declared sustainability management philosophy that combines economic profitability, environmental soundness and social responsibility, and launched the CSM (Corporate Sustainability Management) Team in 2013. Currently, the Environment and Social Contribution Office within the Finance and Investment Division is responsible for POSCO’s overall sustainability management activities. The Environment and Social Contribution Office takes charge of responding to sustainability management evaluation and internal sustainability activities, as well as providing diagnosis and consultation for group affiliates' sustainability management capacities. The result of their activities is reported regularly to the CEO at the annual POSCO Group CEOs' Meeting and Management Meeting.

Sustainability Management Governance
ustainable business establishment and management activities into account the Relationship with his vision of governance of the decision are conducted in the decisions. The format : the board and shareholder meetings and ceo, POSCO, top executives meeting management meeting to enterprise-wide finally agendas, they'll have the report endorsed the agenda, visions,And be done on the proposal. Is how progress of the establishment of sustainability initiative discussed and issues related to the Executive Committee Community, the joint growth, environmental management committee, the Council, the Korea Fair Trade and provide direction pursued through heavy water committees, such as target / I venture be done on the proposal operational. Effector function of sustainable business practice, management about the fungal ball, Environmental and Resource Group, the Fair Trade support group, corporate social responsibility group.

Sustainability Management Committees

Sustainability Management Committees
Category Meeting interval Chair person Participants Activities
Environmental Management Committee Once / year CEO CEOs of POSCO Family companies Establish mediumterm environment and energy strategy at the POSCO Family level
Shared Growth Conference Twice/year CEO, representative of SMEs POSCO executives, CEOs of subsidiaries, presidents of SMEs Establish strategies for shared growth activities, review and share POSCO Family's performance
CSR Committee Once / year Head of Finance and Investment Division POSCO executives and outside experts Discuss Ways to improve social contribution programs, strategic CSR, stakeholder communication, subsidiaries' CSR, etc
POSCO Family Safety Committee Twice/year Head of Steel Production Division POSCO's executive in charge, CEOs of subsidiaries Review safety activities and establish futrure plans to achieve Zero Safety goals
Fair Trade Compliance Conference Twice/year Head of Corporate Audit Department Executives from relevant departments (marketing purchasing, etc) Report CP (Compliance Program) Activities and establish plans