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POSCO Technology

Operation Technology

Low-fume Material High-Capacity Shaft Furnace Industry

Measuring the production rate of molten iron from a blast furnace is done by indexing the furnace's efficiency, based on the amount that a 1m² furnace can produce each day. Raw materials, however, account for more than 76% of the cost of molten iron. This means that the technology for developing and applying low-cost raw materials is an important factor in determining the competitiveness of a blast furnace. Common low-cost raw materials include limonite, general coal, and grained coal. For example.
The iron production cost of using grained coal is 30% less than the cost of using Cokes.

POSCO is steadily increasing their use of grained coal by developing a technology called 'Burden Distribution Control', as well as a system that utilizes Artificial intelligence to automatically control the heat temperature of the furnace. These developments automatically control the amount of grained coal inserted by regulating the speed of burden materials entering into the blast furnaces.