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e-Procurement is an electronic system for suppliers. It supports all POSCO purchases, including registration, bibbing, agreements, ordering, deliveries and payments.
The process between the suppliers and POSCO is directly connected to pursue mutual Win-Win strategy through the maximization of actual effects. The participation opportunity of the suppliers is fully opened through e-Sourcing for the realization of transparent and fair businesses.


The e-Procurement system's main functions are e-Sourcing, e-Bidding, and e-Transaction. Domestic and international suppliers and all trading partners, including banks, insurance companies, custom houses, logistics companies, inspection companies, and the Korean National Railroad Administration, are connected so that can share information through the EDI or the Web.

e-Sourcing refers to the process from listing purchasing product information on the internet, receiving registrations of suppliers and intentions, to registering them as bid participants, and strives for Global Sourcing and Open Sourcing. Suppliers can view purchase target products per type and product according to the UN international categorization system, and freely review necessary product drawings and photos, or material specifications, and register as suppliers.