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Products / Technology

Sales information


enable our customer to purchase POSCO products quickly. Conveniently and securely It forms a convenient link between POSCO and our customers so that we can share purchasing and production Information and provide our customer with a wider variety of potions. Electronic Verification System Created by Korea Electronic Verification Inc., guarantees that all online business transactions are secure and confidential. After registration, customers will be issued their online ID within 24 hours. This ID can used Immediately upon issuance.


This system allows you to purchase POSCO products online. Customers can purchase all POSCO products, goods in stock, and goods on order. Instead of selling to a limited number of customers, we have expanded our sales to corporations and private businesses, eliminating unnecessary redistribution processes. Our auction system for setting the price of steel products guarantees transparency in all of our business transactions. Customers can track their orders online and request order-confirmation forms, inspection-verification forms, and tax forms without downloading any programs.


e-Logistics is a system that allows you to perform tasks, such as signing Seaborne Logistics Trading Agreements and ordering goods to be shipped to specific locations, online.

  • 1 Proposal of POSCO's Target Quantity
  • 2 Proposal of the Logistics Company's Target Price
  • 3 Agreement

All processes are executed online. The logistical information provided by POSCO and the logistics company is integrated to ensure consistency of information.


This system supports all activities related to purchasing POSCO's products, including order forms, production process information, and the issuing of tax forms. Our online customer information ensures that our customers can conduct their businesses smoothly regardless of time or location.
Our system allows customers to print the quality-verification forms and standard verification forms that are required for online marketing activities.