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Products / Technology

Products of POSCO

Cold Rolled Steel

All POSCO mills have adopted PCM(Pickling & Tandem Cold Rolling Mill) type which make continuous processing from pickling and cold-rolling process possible. Steel sheet that has undergone this line are then forwarded as pickled coils or used as material for hot-dip galvanized steel sheet.

Types and Uses
Commercial Steel

This type of steel is used in general applications, in particular in the manufacturing of refrigerator doors, drums and furniture, as well as in such automobile parts as roofs, fenders, hoods, quarters, oil pans and spring houses.

  • POSCO : CSP1(D), CSP2, CSP3
  • ASTM : A366-91, A619, A620
Structural Steel

This structural steel does not need working but require strength.

  • POSCO : CSP30
  • ASTM : A611-91A
Cold Rolled Steel for Porcelain Enamelling

This type of steel can be classified into deep drawing, working and general uses depending upon the manufacturing methods and final applications used. Sheet for deep drawing and drawing is mainly used in bathtubs, spinning tubs and ordinary home appliances. Commercial steel sheet is used in kitchen utensils that do not need high formability and which requires three times of firing.

  • JIS : SPP
  • ASTM : A424-TYEP1
High-Tensile-Strength Steel

This class of steel can be divided into commercial, drawing, deep drawing and TRIP steels upon the manufacturing methods and end applications used. Commercial steel sheet is mainly used in the manufacturing of automobile seats, rail levers, and parking brakes. Drawing steel sheet is used in center floors and brackets of the automobile. Deep drawing steel sheet is used in major outer panels of the automobile, including the fenders and food. TRIPtype high tensile-strength steel is used in the impacts bars for automobile doors and bumpers.

  • Commercial : CHSP45C/60C
  • Drawing : CHSP35R/40R/45R
  • Deep Drawing : CHSP35E/40E/45E
  • Extra Deep Drawing Quality : CHSP35ES/40ES
  • TRIP-Type : CHSP60TR/80TR/100TR
  • Bake Hardening : CHSP28EB-E/35EB/40EB