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Products of POSCO

Wire Rod

In order to improve the surface quality of wire rods, the surfaces of the materials, billets, are descaled by shot blasting. And after inspecting any surface flaw and imperfection by a magnetic particle tester, the flaws are removed from the surface by using a grinding machine. In addition, the continuous ultrasonic testing is conducted to guarantee the internal quality of the billets.

Types and Uses
Wire Rod for Core Wire of Covered Electrodes

Precision component control is required to ensure weldability and material characteristics of deposit metal and TS deviation control. The wire rod slow cooling operation is conducted to guarantee wire workability. The rods are used for CO2 gas shielded arc welding wire, submerged arc welding wire and general electrodes.

  • JIS : SWRY11~21, YSW11~41, YGW11~24
  • POSCO : JPOSWELD1A/1B/1C/2A/2B/2J/2S/4B/4D, POSWELD23/31/41/50/60
Spring Steel

This type of steel is used in automobile suspension devices and thus is an ultra clean alloy-added steel with excellent fatigue resistance. It is also used in coil springs and stabilizer bars.

  • JIS : SUP3/6/7/8/9A/10/11A/12/13
  • SAE : 9254, D, S, V, HV
  • DIN : 50CrV4, 54SiCrV6
  • POSCO : POSHIS120D, 120S
Wire Rod for Bearing Steel

This ultra clean high-alloy steel wire rod with excellent durability that can endure repeated high loading is used in ball bearings and ring bearings.

  • JIS : SUJ1~5
  • SAE : 52100
Wire Rod for Steel Cord

Steel cord, manufactured through drawing (0.4-0.15mø) and cording of high carbon steel wire rod, is used to reinforce the durability of automobile tires. This type of product requires especially clean and high-strength steel.

  • AISI : 1069, 1080
  • POSCO : POSCORD70S/80S/90/90CR
Low-Carbon Steel Wire Rod

This type of steel wire rod is made of low carbon steel with a C content under 0.22% and is used in manufacturing various kinds of steel wire, nails and wire entanglement.

  • JIS : SWRM6~22
  • SAE : SAE1006~1022
  • DIN : D5-1, D9-1
  • ASTM : A510
  • POSCO : POSFIS5M1/6M1/6B
Free-Cutting Carbon Steel

This high-machinability type steel with such free-cutting elements as P and S added is used in precision parts of automobiles and home appliances.

  • JIS : SUM11~43
  • SAE : 1213, 1144
High-Carbon Steel Wire Rod

High-carbon steel products require the micro structure of fine pearlite to maintain high strength and ensure wire drawability. They are used for wire ropes, precision springs, bead wires and general PC steel wires.

  • JIS : SWRH27~72A/B
  • SAE : 1026~1095
  • DIN : D26-2, 95-2
Piano Wire Rod

This type of rod, widely used in high-strength bead wires, LR PC steel wires and music wires, is made from high-carbon clean steels with excellent filamentary drawability, high strength and fatigue resistance.

  • JIS : SWRS62~92A/B
  • POSCO : POSCABLE 82/86/90
Carbon Steel Wire Rod for Cold Heading Quality and Cold Forging

Wire rod for cold heading quality is cold headed, forged or extruded to make bolts, nuts or screws that are widely used in automobile parts and industrial machines. This steel requires strict quality control because of its severe working conditions and various special usages, and therfore should be handled with utmost care to prevent surface flaws.

  • JIS : SWRCH6A~22A, SWRCH10K~50K
  • SAE : 1006~1050
Wire Rod for High-Strength Steel

This PC bar type of steel is used for strengthening concrete in telegraph poles and piles, and is produced by high frequency heat treating structural carbon steel that has traces of boron, or a large quantity of Si added. In comparison with mild steel, this kind of steel has higher elastic limits and lower relaxation.

  • SAE : 10B30~35
  • POSCO : PSPC22, PSPC30B-35B, PSPC30Si-35Si, PSPC32SiB
Alloy Steel Wire Rod for Machine Structural Use

As a core material used in joining mechanical parts, such as high-strength bolts and nuts, it is a high-strength product with such added alloy elements as Cr, Ni, Mo.

  • JIS : SCr15-445, SCM412-822, SNCM 220-815, SMn420-443, SMnC 420-443, SNC236-836
  • SAE : 1513-1548, 4118-4161, 5115-5145, 8620-8645