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Products of POSCO

Hot Rolled Steel

The slab from the continuous casting mill or the bottom mill is heated in the reheating furnace at a temperature of 1,250ºC. After the slab is heated and before it can be rolled, the scale that has accumulated on the slab's surface is removed by the scale breaker. At the roughing mill and finishing mill, the slab is rolled to its target specifications before being cooled at the cooling table where it is then made into hot rolled coils.

Types and Uses
Hot-Rolled Steel for General Structures

General structural steel and welding structural steel are used in the construction of steel structures, bridges, ships and automobiles.

  • JIS : SS330, SS400, SS490, SS540, SM400A/B/C, SM490A/B/C, SM400YA/YB, SM520B/C, SM570
  • ASTM : A36, A283, A570
  • BS : BS1449 PART1 50/35HR, HS, BS4360 43A/B/C, 50B/C
  • DIN : DIN17100 ST22, ST33, ST37-2, ST52-3, RST37-2
Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel

This type of steel enhances in both corrosion and atmospheric corrosion resistant properties, adding such special elements as P, Cu, and C, and is used in the manufacturing of containers, special automobiles and construction structures.

  • POSCO : PAWS50
  • JIS : SPA-H
Hot-Rolled Steel for Automobile Structural Uses

This high-strength steel has a good weldability and is used in automobile frames, members, and wheel disks.

  • JIS : SAPH310/370/400/440, SPFH540/590
  • ASTM : A715-40/45/50/55/60/65/70/80
Hot-Rolled Carbon Steel for Pipes and Tubes

This steel, excellent in weldability and formability, is widely used in structural pipes, general pipes, special pipes, and machine structural carbon steel pipe.

  • JIS : SPHT1/2/3/4, STB340/410, STK290/400/490/500/540, STKM11A/12B/13A/13B/14B/16A/18A
Hot-Rolled Steel for Gas Cylinders

This steel, which have high strength and good formability, is used in high-pressure gas container with less than a 500l inner capacity containing LPG, acetylene and other high-pressure gases.

  • JIS : SG255/295/325/365
  • POSCO : A455
Steel for Casting and Tubing of Oilwell Pipes

This type of steel is characterized by a strict quality of high strength, extremely low temperature toughness, excellent weldability and fracture resistance, and is used in drilling and producing in severely cold areas, or for deep sea oilwells.

  • API : 5G-J55, K55, N80, P110
Steel for Line Pipes

This steel excels in high strength, extremely low temperature toughness, hydrogen induced crack resistance and weldability, and is thus used in line pipes.

  • API : 5L-A/B, X42, X46, X52, X60, X65, X70, X80
Steel for Special Uses

This steel includes general machine structural steel, alloy steel and steel for tools and used for various machine parts.

  • JIS : S10C-S55C, SK2/3/4/5/7, SUP9, SCM415/430/435/440
  • SAE : SAE1010-1055
  • DIN : 50CRV4, 75CR1
Steel for Cold-Rolled Steel

This steel is used to manufacture cold rolled steel, galvanized steel and electro galvanized and color steel sheet.

  • SAE : SAE1006-1055

Hot-Rolled Steel for Hull Structures

This steel has received approval for its manufacturing process from overseas classification societies. A, B, and D grade products are used in shipbuilding and are excellent in weldability and shock resistance.

  • Classification Society Standards : KR-RA/RB, AB-A, LR-A/B, NK-KA, NV-A
Hot-Rolled Steel for Machine Structures

Carbon tool and spring steel are produced to be used in such special applications as saws, washers, tapelines and springs that require good hardenability and fatigue resistance.

  • For springs : JIS SUP9
  • For machine structures : JIS S10C-S55C
  • For steel tools : JIS SK85, SK105