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Products of POSCO

Aluminum-Plated Products

These products possess a uniform surface and excellent corrosion and heat resistance, while maintaining a satisfactory appearance after painting, resulting in a smooth surface and sacrificing effect of aluminum, as aluminum in the application state suppresses the growth of aluminum crystals during the solidification of aluminum melt.

Types and Uses

ALCOSTA is a product that is hot-dipped in cold-rolled steel with an alloy of 89%Al-9%Si. The heat resistance of ALCOSTA is excellent compared to zinc-coated steel sheets, galvalume steel sheets and cold-rolled steel sheets, as it does not become damaged or tarnished after being used for long periods of time in temperatures over 450ºC. In addition, as the weatherproof and corrosion resistance of ALCOSTA is superb due to the film on passive state metals (Al2O3) formed on the surface of Al coating layer, it is used in the parts of household appliances, and also used in the parts of automotive exhaust systems due to its outstanding heat and corrosion resistance.

  • KS/JIS : SA1C, SA1D, SA1E
  • EN : DX51D, DX52D, DX53D, DX54D, DX56D
  • ASTM : A463 CS, FS, DDS, EDDS

ALZASTA is a product that is hot-dipped in cold-rolled steel with the ternary alloy of 55%Al-43%Zn-2%Si. ALZASTA is four times more durable than zinc-coated steel sheets, and it possesses excellent corrosion resistance due to the solid oxide coating of aluminum and the sacrificing effect of zinc. In addition, it is light-gray colored with its uniquely fine spangles, and it is used in building materials and interior/exterior materials due to its exemplary painting adhesion.

  • EN : DX51D, DX52D, DX53D, DX54D, DX56D
  • ASTM : A792 CS

Al-STS is a product that is hot-dipped in STS, a highly corrosive steel material, with an alloy of 89%Al-9%Si. This product has excellent corrosive and designing effects in addition to the sacrificing effect of aluminum and exceptional appearance. In addition, the condensate water resistance and salt corrosion of AL-STS are excellent, and heat resistance is also noteworthy as the characteristics of coated-layers are maintained even when exposed to high-temperature gas for the parts of car mufflers.

  • ASTM : A463 CS