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Products / Technology

Products of POSCO

Automotive materials

POSCO supplies automotive materials to Korean automobile companies as well as other companies worldwide, including those in Japan, the Americas and Europe. POSCO's automotive materials possess excellent hardness, process ability, corrosion resistance, formability, painting and hatching, and they correspond to the requisite functions and appearance for each part. POSCO supplies only high-quality products that have passed strict quality certification. As a company, POSCO maintains its place as the global top automotive materials manufacturer by developing technologies, providing solutions and implementing customer relationship management.

Types and Uses
High-tensile steel

Bake hardening steel, HSLA(C-class & YS guaranteed), Rephosphorized Steel, IF HSS(E/ES-class), ATOS

Ultra high-tensile steel

DP steel, TRIP steel, CP steel, FB steel, TWIP steel

Post heat-treated steel

HPF, Autobeam, STAB

High-functional steel

Lubricant coated steel sheet, fuel tank steel sheet, pre-sealed steel sheet, polymer coated steel sheet for components