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Products / Technology

Products of POSCO

Magnesium Product

Magnesium is widely applied to automobile, IT-Mobile, medical parts and so on because it is the lightest among commercial metals. POSCO is producing magnesium ingot and flat product with the world best quality based on the high technology and knowhow that POSCO has accumulated through steel business.

Types and Uses
Magnesium Ingot

Pure magnesium is used to produce aluminum alloy and steel. Magnesium alloys are applied to materials for interior or exterior of electronic devices and automotive parts.

  • Alloys : AZ91D, AM50A, AM60B, AZ31B, AZ61A, etc.
Magnesium Flat Product

Magnesium flat products are mainly applied to automotive, medical or electronic parts that require weight reduction of materials.

  • Alloys : AZ31B, AZ31B-Ca, AZ61A, M1A, etc.