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POSCO is at the Forefront of the Dawning Age of Electric Vehicles

Nov. 03, 2017
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  • - Hosting the Electric Vehicle Materials Forum from October 30 to November 1
    - Sharing information on the core products of the 4 areas, i.e. electric vehicle motors, batteries materials, light-weight chassis and car bodies, and charging infrastructure

    From October 30, POSCO hosted the 'Global EV Materials Forum 2017' at the Songdo Global R&D Center in Incheon. This forum was held under the theme of 'A Bold Leap Forward Toward Becoming Electric Vehicle Total Solution Provider,' to let it be known that POSCO is a leading supplier of core electric vehicle materials in preparation for the megatrend that will see the rapid increase of environmentally-friendly vehicles.


    ▶ POSCO hosted the 'Global EV Materials Forum 2017' from October 30 to November 1.


    At this forum that was attended by more than 380 local and overseas customers, POSCO announced the current status of POSCO Group's electric vehicle projects and its strategies. Also, the company intensively showcased the trends in development of the core electric vehicle technologies for high-value-added products, such as motors, batteries and light-weight chassis/bodies, and its competencies, and shared the business trends of major customers.


    ▶ At the 'Global EV Materials Forum 2017' held at the Songdo Global R&D Center in Incheon, people are paying close attention to the current status of the electric vehicle projects of POSCO Group and its strategies.


    In particular, POSCO highlighted customer needs, market trends and development status in three areas, specifically light-weight materials, traction motor cores and batteries, and POSCO researchers gave 'problem-solving' presentations in which they suggested POSCO's high-value-added products and solutions, greatly increasing participants' understanding of the topic.


    In his keynote speech, In-hwan Oh, president of POSCO, said, "POSCO is endeavoring to fully prepare for the future together with our customers making the electric vehicle ecosystem as their everlasting partner."


    At this event, Stephen Zoepf, Executive Director of the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford University, explained the big bang into the age of electric vehicles under the theme of 'Electric Vehicles: Adapting to a Changing Marketplace' and Martin Woehrle of BMW Korea gave a presentation on trends in electric vehicle development. The participants gained a deep understanding of which way POSCO and related industries should be going in the development process of the rapidly growing electric vehicle market. It was a meaningful time for all of them.



    ▶ President In-hwan Oh (middle) is taking a look inside a high-performance electric vehicle and visitors are examining the electric vehicle model of Nissan Leaf.


    In addition, POSCO installed a separate exhibition space at the venue to help participants better understand electric vehicles. The exhibition hall consisted of 4 key product zones, including motors, batteries, light-weight chassis/bodies and charging infrastructure, and in the Highlight Zone at the entrance to the exhibition hall, an electric vehicle model was on display to help the participants gain an overall understanding of the structure of electric vehicles.


    Meanwhile, this electric vehicle materials forum revealed POSCO Group's strong will and prowess to become a 'Total Solution Provider in Electric Vehicles.'


    Currently, POSCO is taking the lead in light-weight chassis/bodies by developing 'POSCO GIGA STEEL,' which is lighter but much stronger than the existing automotive steel sheets. In addition, for the first time in Korea, the company is commercially producing lithium for electric vehicle batteries, which used to be imported.


    POSCO Daewoo produced a high-efficiency traction motor core for electric vehicles using POSCO's highest-grade non-oriented electrical sheet Hyper NO, and is supplying it to major automakers, POSCO ESM and POSCO Chemtech are producing the core materials of the batteries for electric vehicles, i.e. cathode and anode materials. POSCO ICT is the only company in Korea to provide a total service ranging from the supply, installation and operation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure to membership management and supplementary services. POSCO Group is striving to ready itself for development, mass production and supply of electric vehicles.


    At this forum, POSCO pledged to become a Total Solution Provider ushering in the age of electric vehicles, form the electric vehicle ecosystem together with customers, and create win-win value for all.

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