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POSCO E&C Customizes CSR in Myanmar

Sep. 12, 2017
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  • - Holds the Golden Wave Festival to spread Korean culture such as K-Pop
    - Provides oriental medicine such as acupuncture and cupping for approximately 2,300 citizens

    From August 19 to 27, POSCO E&C provided customized corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in Myanmar in cooperation with Korean Medicine Service Team Abroad and Urim Welfare Foundation, which has received acclaim from citizens. These activities were carried out in Yangon where POSCO E&C's Myanmar Daewoo Amara Hotel, which celebrates its grand opening on September 1, is located.


    In particular, the Golden Wave Festival held on August 26 by POSCO E&C at the National Theatre of Yangon, Myanmar in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Myanmar was also well received by citizens.


    The event that day was attended by over 1,500 citizens; Jung-han Kim, Charge d' Affaires of the Embassy of the Republic Korea in Myanmar; Aung Soe Moe, Minister for Security and Border Affairs of Yangon; Hlaing Maw Oo, deputy mayor of Yangon; Jung-woo Lee, chair of the Korean Association in Myanmar; diplomatic corps of each country; and Young-sul Ha, senior vice president of POSCO E&C.


    Part 1 of the festival consisted of Korean cultural events, featuring various booths to spread Korean culture such as Hanbok (Korean traditional attire), traditional games, costume play of K-Pop, etc.


    Part 2 presented various performances for cultural exchange between the two countries, such as K-Pop songs, dancing, NANTA and traditional Myanmar dancing performed by POSCO E&C Happy Builders, a volunteer group made up of college students.


    ▶ On August 26, POSCO E&C aims to spread Korean culture such as K-Pop by holding the Golden Wave Festival in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic Korea in Myanmar.



    In addition, there was also a program that selected the final winners among the eight teams chosen at the preliminaries of K-Pop World Festival in Myanmar held back on August 7. The eight teams that went on to the finals, who all received special training from Korean vocal and dance experts, showed enhanced and more outstanding skills in this performance, all winning enthusiastic support from the audience.


    "Based on the extensive cooperative relations we have maintained, I hope the young generations that will be the future leaders of both countries share this meaningful experience today to promote personal and cultural interchange and broaden the scope of mutual understanding," said Jung-han Kim, Charge d' Affaires of the Embassy of the Republic Korea in Myanmar, in a congratulatory message.


    ▶ POSCO E&C Happy Builders, a volunteer group made up of college students, introduced Korean culture at the University of Foreign Languages, Yangon (YUFL) through Taekwondo (above), making Korean mask, and VR experiences.


    POSCO E&C also carried out various programs for three days from August 22 with over 300 students at YUFL, such as Korean traditional crafts, cooking, Taekwondo, and VR experiences in total six sessions. The company also donated tools and materials for education such as computers, projectors, VR cameras, etc. to contribute to improve the educational environment at YUFL.


    Meanwhile, over the same period, 18 members of the medical volunteer team, including 9 Korean medicine doctors, gave medical treatment to over 2,300 citizens that suffered from diabetes, hypertension and skin diseases, and provided free medicine at Yangon Traditional Medicine Hospital. In addition, the team held a seminar to share information about traditional medicine in the two countries. The medical staff of Myanmar exhibited great interest in traditional Korean medicine such as acupuncture and cupping.


    ▶ The medical team is volunteering to provide oriental health care at Yangon Traditional Medicine Hospital in Myanmar.


    Yangon Traditional Medicine Hospital was packed the whole time with swarms of Yangon citizens that heard about the efficacy of oriental medicine, which served as an opportunity to widely spread the excellence of Korean medicine in Yangon, while the Korean medical team's visit to Myanmar to provide Korean medicine received attention from local media.


    "Many patients waited in line from two in the morning, hoping to receive treatment, and many of them also came all the way from distant regions that are about a 6-hour car ride away," said Mya Mya Win, director of Yangon Traditional Medicine Hospital. "I'm truly impressed by and grateful to the Korean medical team for the elaborate and thoughtful treatment they provided."


    POSCO E&C will continue to cooperate with Korean Medicine Service Team Abroad and provide support for areas in need of medical services.

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