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POSCO donates free houses to low-income families in Rayong, Thailand.

Aug. 21, 2017
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  • - Constructed through usage of 1% of the salaries of POSCO Group employees
    - The volunteer efforts of the 6th Employee Global Volunteer Corps and the employees of the Thai subsidiary makes it even more meaningful

    POSCO 1% Foundation donated love houses to low-income families in Pluak Daeng, Rayong, Thailand on August 11.


    More than 100 people, including Jeong-sik Kwak, head of the ER Office of POSCO, the vice-governor of Rayong, Thailand, the representative of Habitat for Humanity Thailand, the POSCO Group Employee Volunteer Corps and villagers, all attended the dedication ceremony.


    Jeong-shik Kwak, head of the ER Department of POSCO said, "The Thailand love houses are all the more meaningful because the employees of POSCO Group donated 1% of their salaries and participated in the construction as volunteers. I hope that these love houses will give hope to these neighbors in need."


    ▶ Posing for a picture after the dedication ceremony of the love houses in Pluak Daeng, Rayong, Thailand on August 11.


    The construction of the love houses was completed by the 50 volunteers of the 6th POSCO Group Employee Global Volunteer Corps who are working in Korea, and 30 employees of POSCO Thainox, POSCO-TCS and POSCO-TBPC.


    Tun Kedwarin, who moved into a new house, was moved to tears and stated, "As I have been living in an old house made of wooden boards, water kept leaking and the house was in danger of collapsing. Because of this, I was always worried. Now I can sleep without fear, and I am truly happy. I am grateful to POSCO and the government who built me a house."


    ▶ POSCO Group Employee Global Volunteer Corps, and Pichamon, a home partner who moved into the love house, are posing for a picture.


    POSCO Group Employee Global Volunteer Corps, which was established in 2015, consists of the employees of POSCO Group and outsourcing partners, who donate 1% of their salaries every month. They directly participate in overseas social contribution sites. It is POSCO's unique social contribution effort contributing to the spread of the culture of volunteer service and sharing.


    ▶ The POSCO Group volunteers and Thai global staff members are participating in housing construction volunteer efforts in Pluak Daeng, Rayong, Thailand.


    The members of the POSCO Group Volunteer Corps, who participated in the housing construction volunteer effort in Thailand for 6 nights and 8 days from August 5 during their personal leave, visited Ban Bo Win School and carried out educational volunteer activities to publicize Korean traditional culture, such as tuho, jegichagi and Hahoe masks in addition to their construction volunteer work.


    Meanwhile, POSCO completed 104 houses in Vietnam last May, and donated them to low-income families, and constructed steel houses in Korea made from PosMAC, its World Premium product, and donated them to families suffering from fire damage and low-income families around the country. POSCO continues to carry out our social contribution projects in local communities.

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