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The 'Steel Forming Laboratory' Completed··· Advanced Customer-Oriented Research Infrastructure

May. 11, 2017
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  • - Evaluating Giga Steel and new steel products in a production environment similar to that of customers and providing solutions
    - Implementing the 'one-stop' system from technology development to verification··· invigoration of joint researches with customers is expected.

    POSCO constructed the Steel Forming Laboratory in Songdo to raise the level of solution marketing.


    On May 11, POSCO completed the construction of the Steel Forming Laboratory at the POSCO Global R&D Center in Songdo, and began to carry out full-scale customer support efforts. More than 80 people, including the employees of customers like GM Korea, Renault-Samsung Motors and Ssangyong Motor Company, and officials of the construction company attended the event.


    In-hwan Oh, President of POSCO, said, "We implemented customer-oriented core research infrastructure that can help us evaluate products in advance in a production environment similar to that of customers, and develop leading technologies, and thus provide preemptive and proactive solutions to customers."


    As a result, the existing Steel Forming Laboratory will be exclusively in charge of evaluation of the basic physical properties required by customers, e.g. forming, welding, coating, corrosion and fatigue, and providing basic customer support such as quality certification, whereas the new Steel Forming Laboratory will be responsible for more differentiated tasks, i.e. providing application technology solutions involving steel products.


    The Steel Forming Laboratory possesses various facilities, including the Roll Forming and Press, to evaluate formability of newly developed steel products such as the 'Giga Steel' and develop forming technologies ahead of customers. In particular, POSCO is the first steelmaker in Korea that can use the 2000-ton hydraulic press to evaluate the formability of large components such as the side-outers of automobiles.


    ▶ As the new Steel Forming Laboratory has various facilities, it can evaluate the formability of large components in advance and provide the results to customers. A POSCO employee can be seen operating the 2000-ton hydraulic press, the first to be purchased by a domestic steelmaker.


    In addition, equipment such as a high-speed crash tester, a full-scale fatigue tester, and a wheel durability evaluator can evaluate the impact and durability of molded parts of automobiles, and it also has the capability to provide customized analysis results using 3D scanners.


    POSCO is now able to use these machines to implement its 'POSCO One-Stop Development' system, which makes it possible to perform all the processes from the development of application technologies for steel products to production verification without the involvement of customers, and thus further reinforce its solution marketing.


    Customers may find it difficult to adopt newly developed steel grades as materials right away, but if POSCO evaluates formability, which is mandatory for selection of steel products, on behalf of customers, and provides the results, it is expected that the burden of selecting new steel grades will be reduced for customers.


    POSCO is planning to strengthen its collaborative system for shared growth by invigorating joint research with not only large OEM companies, but also small and medium-sized parts companies which find it relatively more difficult to operate various testing machines.

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