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49th anniversary··· Calmly reaffirming their resolve to take a bold leap forward in the next 50 years

Apr. 03, 2017
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  • - CEO Oh-joon Kwon communicates with employees in Gwangyang through 'Safety Golden Bell'··· joining the employees for a field day
    - President In-hwan Oh honored the sacrifice of those employees who died in the line of duty at the Memorial Tower, and visited the steel mill to encourage the employees.
    - President Jeong-woo Choi and executives from Seoul performed as volunteers at the Seolleung Royal Tomb near the POSCO Center.

    POSCO held various events in a calm atmosphere to celebrate its 49th Foundation Day (April 1, 1968).


    After the inauguration of CEO Kwon, POSCO simplified or abolished the large-scale commemorative event and luncheon for local celebrities it used to hold every year on its Foundation Day, and has since been holding calm and meaningful events.



    ▶ To celebrate the 49th anniversary of POSCO, CEO Kwon and employees visited and paid respects to the statue of honorary chairman Park Tae-joon in Gwangyang (the first photograph), and President Oh and employees visited and paid respects to the Memorial Tower at the POSCO History Museum, and resolved to take a new leap forward and continue to grow in the next 50 years.


    This year, just one year before its 50th anniversary, POSCO refrained from holding a large-scale ceremony or party, and instead held meaningful events in Seoul, Pohang and Gwangyang, in which the management and employees participated.


    CEO Kwon attended the 'Challenge! Safety Golden Bell (hereinafter referred to as Safety Golden Bell)' event, held in Gwangyang Steel Mill on March 31, and communicated with employees.


    'Safety Golden Bell' is a quiz competition, modeled after the TV program 'Challenge! Golden Bell.' It was planned to help all employees improve their safety competency through self-learning, and allow for safety SSS (Self-directed Safety Spread) activities in small organizations to take firm root.


    More than 14,000 employees based in Seoul, Pohang and Gwangyang went through preliminary rounds starting on March 17, and only 200 or so employees advanced to the final round. The final round was held at the Eoullim Sports Center in Gwangyang, and the winner was Mr. Seong-yeop Na of the Thick Plate Department in Pohang Steel Mill who successfully answered the Golden Bell question.


    ▶ CEO Kwon the field day of Gwangyang Steel Mill, group affiliates and local club members on April 1, the Foundation Day, and encouraged the employees.


    After the quiz event, CEO Kwon visited Blast Furnace #1 of Gwangyang Steel Mill, the world’s largest blast furnace, and encouraged the workers who are operating the blast furnace with the highest level of efficiency in the world. On the following day, i.e. the Foundation Day, he paid respects to the statue of the late honorary CEO Park in front of the Geumho-dong Welfare Center, and attended the field day of Gwangyang Steel Mill, group affiliates and local club members.


    CEO Kwon emphasized, "2017 is a very important year as we are preparing for the next 50 years based on our past 50 years of growth. What we need most at this half-way point on our way to becoming an enterprise that will last for 100 years is One POSCO, in other words, the strong and enduring bond among employees."


    Meanwhile, President Oh, who visited Pohang on March 31, visited POSTECH and the 4G synchrotron radiation accelerator, the third in the world following the US and Japan, encouraged the researchers, and on the Foundation Day, honored the sacrifice of those employees who died during construction and operation at the Memorial Tower in the POSCO History Museum.


    Then, Oh visited the thick plate factory and cokes factory of Pohang Steel Mill, encouraged the workers, and had lunch with the CEOs of POSCO’s partners, expressing his gratitude for their contribution to the foundation and growth of POSCO.


    Meanwhile, more than 30 POSCO employees in Seoul, including President Choi, visited the Seolleung Royal Tomb (historical site No. 199) near the POSCO Center, and planted 3,000 Dicentra spectabilis seedlings.

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