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An ultralight sports car material covers 'Samsung Notebook 9'

Feb. 20, 2017
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  • - POSCO's differentiated technology ushers in the age of ultralight high-strength material
    - Continuously adopted for Samsung Electronics Notebook flagship model

    POSCO's magnesium sheets were adopted for the 2017 model of 'Samsung Notebook 9' again following last year.


    Samsung Electronics' 'Notebook 9' series is a premium notebook lineup. Since it applied the duralumin* material in 2011, it has been aggressively adopting metals to reduce weight and increase durability. POSCO supplied magnesium sheets for the bottom cover of the 2016 model of Samsung Notebook 9 Metal (13.3"·840g) for the first time, and also applied it to the 2017 model of Samsung Notebook 9 Always (13.3"·799g, 15"·980g) model, leading the ultralight notebook material market.


    ▶ POSCO supplies magnesium sheets for Samsung Electronics' '2017 model of Samsung Notebook 9 Always.' The Notebook 9 series is Samsung Electronics' flagship model that touts ultralight, high-strength metal materials.


    The bottom cover of Samsung notebooks, which pursue extreme slimness and light weight, must be high-strength as well as thin. As the magnesium-lithium sheets, adopted by overseas companies N and M, has good machinability, but low hardness, it was vulnerable to dents made by external impacts.


    The lightest materials among common-use metals, i.e. magnesium sheets, were used in long-range bombers during the World War II, and they are most recently being used in high-performance sports cars to which high-strength and light weight are the most important attributes. POSCO leveraged its own process technology to develop magnesium sheets that further enhanced these properties, and began to mass-produce and supply them in 2015. The magnesium sheets, made with the rapid solidification process capable of precision control, are tempered several times and go through special heat treatment until they reach the final thickness of 0.5mm. POSCO succeeded in improving the surface hardness of its magnesium sheets by more than 20% and the yield strength by more than 50% over those of its competitors while maintaining a high level of machinability.


    In addition, Samsung Electronics applied the state-of-the-art plasma surface treatment method, i.e. the MAO (Micro Arc Oxidation) method, to the formed magnesium body, and improved its durability against external impacts, corrosion and scratches, further enhancing its value as a premium product.


    ▶ Samsung Notebook 9 with POSCO's magnesium sheets applied to its bottom cover


    POSCO is accelerating development of new products through close technical cooperation with Samsung Electronics, and the two companies are planning to take advantage of their respective best technologies to launch various products that can satisfy customers.


    POSCO will continue to develop customized materials and processing solutions to realize its vision of 'POSCO Magnesium in Every Mobile,' and reinforce its technology development and marketing so that magnesium sheets can firmly establish themselves as the representative material for various mobile products.


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