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The 'Steel Forming Laboratory' Completed렁 Advanced Customer-Oriented Research Infrastructure
POSCO constructed the Steel Forming Laboratory in Songdo to raise the level of solution marketing. On May 11, POSCO completed the construction of the Steel Forming Laboratory at the POSCO Global R&D Center in Songdo, and began to carry out full-s..
May. 11, 2017
Participating in the World's Largest Offshore Technology Conference for 10 Consecutive Years
POSCO has participated in the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) for 10 consecutive years, and continues its solution marketing activities with regard to energy steel products and processing technologies. OTC, held in Houston, Texas, US fro..
May. 02, 2017
7CGL, the Automotive Steel Plant Exclusively for 'Giga Steel,' Has Been Completed
POSCO completed the construction of the world's first automotive steel plant built exclusively for 'Giga Steel.' On April 26, POSCO held the completion ceremony for No. 7 CGL (Continuous Galvanizing Line), which can produce super-high-strengt..
Apr. 26, 2017
The 1Q Consolidated Operating Profit of POSCO Amounted to KRW 1.365 Trillion
On April 18, POSCO announced on that its consolidated sales amounted to KRW 15.0772 trillion, its operating profit KRW 1.365 trillion, and its net profit KRW 976.9 billion in the first quarter. The consolidated sales slightly increased QoQ, and..
Apr. 18, 2017
CEO Kwon, "POSCO Will Build a Smart Factory for the World's Highest Quality Anode Materials for Secondary Cell Batteries"
POSCO CEO Ohjoon Kwon, who has been working on improving profitability of the company's non-steel business since he took office for the second term last March, said he would build a smart factory to automatically produce the world's best quality ano..
Apr. 17, 2017
POSCO Commercializes High Manganese Steel Production Technology Based on Molten FeMn Alloy for First Time in the World
POSCO succeeded in the world's first commercialization of high manganese steel production process technology based on molten ferromanganese (FeMn) alloy. POSCO Technical Research Laboratories completed a commercial production test of "hi..
Apr. 13, 2017
49th anniversary렁 Calmly reaffirming their resolve to take a bold leap forward in the next 50 years
POSCO held various events in a calm atmosphere to celebrate its 49th Foundation Day (April 1, 1968). After the inauguration of CEO Kwon, POSCO simplified or abolished the large-scale commemorative event and luncheon for local celebrities it used..
Apr. 03, 2017
Russia's ZPP uses POSCO's solution marketing to acquire quality certification from Russia's state-run gas corporation Gazprom
On March 23, ZPP (Zagorsky Pipe Plant) acquired the quality certification of Gazprom, the largest gas producer in the world, with the API plate (API-X70) supplied by POSCO. Gazprom, the state-run gas corporation, is the world's largest gas producer ..
Mar. 30, 2017
CEO Forum렁 Focusing on securing the world-best earning power in the steel sector and developing its own future growth technologies
POSCO announced a new mid-term strategy including a plan to maintain the world-best earning power in the steel business, and develop future growth businesses based on its own technologies and differentiated competencies. At the CEO Forum held in Yeo..
Mar. 30, 2017
The 2017 POSCO TJ Park Prize presentation ceremony was recently held
POSCO TJ Park Foundation awarded its "2017 POSCO TJ Park Prizes" at the POSCO Center on March 29. POSCO TJ Park Foundation selected POSCO TJ Park Prize winners for this year: the Science prize winner is Prof. - The Science prize winner is Prof. Jo..
Mar. 29, 2017
POSCO Group University Implements First GMP of This Year for Overseas Employees
From March 6 to 17, POSCO Group University conducted the 1st Global GMP(Global Mobility Program) introduction training for 9 employees from overseas affiliates now working at POSCO's head office. The GMP is an HR development training program that en..
Mar. 29, 2017
POSCO's High Manganese Steel Applied to Oil Sand Slurry Pipes for the First Time
POSCO paved the way to expand the market of its high-manganese steel by supplying the product to ExxonMobil, the world's largest oil company as a material for oil sand slurry pipes. On March 22, POSCO agreed to mass-produce and supply "manga..
Mar. 22, 2017
12 Employees Take Home 2017 POSCO Grand Prize
12 employees of POSCO and its affiliates, overseas corporations and outsourcing partners received the POSCO Family Grand Prize, the most honorable prize bestowed by POSCO. On March 16, POSCO CEO Ohjoon Kwon handed out the POSCO Family Grand Pri..
Mar. 17, 2017
CEO Ohjoon Kwon Makes Strides in Global Management to Increase POSCO's Competitiveness
As soon as Ohjoon Kwon's second term as POSCO CEO was confirmed, CEO Kwon began to step up his global management to enhance POSCO's overall competitiveness. CEO Kwon met with GE chairman Jeffrey Immelt, who was visiting Korea on March 13, to dis..
Mar. 13, 2017
POSCO Holds 49th Regular General Shareholders' Meeting
CEO Ohjoon Kwon's second term was launched in full scale. CEO Kwon was reappointed as CEO for a term of three-years at the 49th general meeting of shareholders held on March 10 at the POSCO Center. In addition, president In-hwan Oh and vice presiden..
Mar. 10, 2017
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