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Business Ethics

Reporting Center for Unethical Behavior

Republic of Korea representative company introduces the POSCO.

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We receive information about POSCO employees' unjust business process, unreasonable demands using status and position, and corruption without disclosing the third party. Slander not based on facts or matters related to privacy shall not be accepted. The report will be processed as soon as possible, and the results will be provided on the website where you reported, or via e-mail upon your request.

The reporter's confidentiality is strictly protected, and anonymous reporters will not be notified with the results. For general business-related inquiries, refer to other contents of the official website or contact the relevant department.

Confidentiality of the reporter's identity
A. Prohibition of the disclosing and tracking down of the reporter
  • No employee shall leak the identity of the reporter even if he or she came to know the identity of the reporter ex-officio or by accident.
  • All acts likely to reveal the identity of the reporter, e.g. asking questions about it and investigating it by questioning others, are strictly prohibited.
  • The disclosing or implying of the identity of the reporter or collaborator without his/her consent is strictly prohibited.
  • Violators of the duty to protect identity may be punished.
B. Prohibition of disadvantageous actions against the reporter
  • Prohibition of disadvantageous actions taken against the reporter in terms of staffing and the punishment of violators shall be stipulated.
Personal Information Collection Agreement
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