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Business Ethics

Reporting Center for Unethical Behavior

Republic of Korea representative company introduces the POSCO.

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Reward System for Reporting Unethical Behavior

To firmly establish an ethical corporate culture by preventing unethical behavior, we offer the following reward system for those reporting unethical behavior.

Behavior to Report
  • Receiving money and other valuables or entertainment from stakeholders with regard to business
  • Obtaining undue profits using status and position or causing damage to the company with unjust means or intentions
  • Other unethical behavior related to external stakeholders
Reward Criteria
A. Target
General public outside the company (employees of POSCO and investment companies excluded)
B. Reward Criteria
  • Maximum reward: 10 million KRW
  • Those who directly recovered/increased the company’s revenue or reduced costs through compensation for damage or redemption of illegal profits shall be rewarded for the relevant amount according to the following criteria.
    • ① If the report minimized the impact on the company and the relevant amount is redeemed
      Compensation due to report
      Relevant amount Reward
      Below 10 million KRW None
      10 million KRW or above 3% of the relevant amount (maximum10 million KRW)
      • All of the relevant amount if the revenue increase or minimization of impact occurs intermittently, or annual estimate if it occurs over an extended period
      • The amount additionally revealed during the Righteous Management Office’s investigation shall be excluded from the reward calculation.
    • ② If it is impossible to calculate the amount of reward or there is no amount redeemed by the report, a reward shall not be provided.
C. Cases Excluded from Reward
  • If the details of the report prove not be factual, or there is not enough evidence to confirm the fact
  • If the unethical behavior is unrelated to the tasks of external stakeholders
  • However, those reporting behaviors that directly cause damage to the company such as embezzlement and asset stripping can be rewarded
  • Cases that are already reported, are already under investigation by the audit department and other related departments or external organizations, or are already completed by taking disciplinary action
  • Cases disclosed by the media
  • Cases reported anonymously or under a false name and thus cannot identify the reporter
  • Cases related to simple business improvement
  • Other cases considered inappropriate for reward as a result of deliberation
Confidentiality of the Reporter’s Identity
A. Reward for the Reporter
Confidentiality is guaranteed by having the manager level of the audit group receive the reward and deliver it to the recipient in a desired means, in order to prevent exposure of identity in the rewarding process
B. Prohibition on Revealing or Tracking Down the Reporter’s Identity
  • All employees, if having become aware of the reporter’s identity by duty or accident, shall not reveal such information
  • All actions that may expose the reporter’s identity are prohibited, such as inquiries about the identity or investigation to find out about the reporter
  • Disclosure or suggestion of the reporter’s or investigation cooperator’s identity is prohibited without their consent
  • Those violating the duty to protect the identity may be punished
C. Prohibition on Giving Disadvantages to the Reporter
  • Prohibition on giving disadvantages in personnel affairs to the reporter and stipulation of the penalty clause in case of violation
How to Report
A. Means
Select the most convenient one among the various means provided, such as cyber report, mail, telephone, fax, direct visit, etc.
B. Method
Write down the reporter’s and violator’s personal data and the details of violation with the Five Ws and One H
C. Reception Office
  • Reporting Center for Unethical Behavior

    Visit POSCO’sofficial website ( and go toReporting Center for Unethical Behavior → click on Report

  • Telephone/FAX
    Report contacts and FAX numbers
    Type Telephone Fax
    External report 82-80-390-3366 82-80-391-3366 (toll-free hotline)
    Internal report Seoul 82-2-3457-3366 82-2-3457-1991 (POSCO Center 16F)
    Pohang 82-54-220-3366 80-54-220-2499 (Pohang Headquarters 9F)
    Gwangyang 82-61-790-3366 82-61-790-4999 (Small Main Building 6F)
  • Mail

    (Postal code)06194 /440, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (892, Daechi 4-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul) POSCO Center Righteous Management Office Director