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Business Ethics

Major Activities

External Activities and Results

Since its announcement of ethical standards, POSCO has carried out efficient activities based on the CEO's firm philosophy related to ethics management; it has played leading roles in realizing and establishing ethics management as Korea's representative manufacturing company. As a result, POSCO is evaluated as an exemplary case in ethics management by authoritative organizations and opinion leaders both in Korea and abroad.

Demonstrating external leadership as a leading ethical management corporation

POSCO actively participates in related club and external activities with a sense of duty as a leading domestic ethical management enterprise.
If there is any corporation wishing to benchmark POSCO's ethical management cases to disseminate ethical management at the national level, POSCO positively responds to such request. In addition, POSCO takes part in corporate ethics-related events and gatherings sponsored by related domestic and overseas academic circles and other organizations, making continued efforts to build related networks.

POSCO ethical management regarded as an excellent domestic model case.

In just 6 years since it commenced ethical management, POSCO has shown good performance. Such ethical management has been considered an excellent ethical management model by well-known domestic and overseas institutions and opinion leaders, and a subject of benchmarking.

The following major awards were received after ethical management was proclaimed:
  • 14th Economic Justice Corporation Award (2003~2004, sponsored by the Economic Justice Institute of Citizens' Coalition for Economic Justice)
  • 4th Transparent Society Contribution Award (2004, sponsored by the Anti-Corruption Network in Korea, Transparency International Korea)
  • 2005 Most Admired Company Award (February 18, 2005, co-sponsored by the Federation of Korean Industries and Seoul Economic Daily)
  • Business Ethics Award (November 4, 2005, Korea Association of Business Ethics)
  • Business Ethics Award (Dec. 13, 2005, College of Business Administration, Yonsei University)
  • 2nd Management Transparency Award (February 8, 2006, sponsored by the Korea Employers’ Federation)
  • 6th Transparent Society Contribution Award (2006, sponsored by the Anti-Corruption Network in Korea, Transparency International Korea)
  • 2006 Most Admired Company and Entrepreneurship Award (February 28, 2006, sponsored by the Federation of Korean Industries)
  • '1st Award for Sustainable Management', Ethics and Social Responsible Management Section (April 28, 2006, sponsored by the Seoul School of Integrated Science and Technologies)
  • Best Korea Ethical Management Award (February 14, 2008, Hankook Ilbo)
  • 1st Korea Ethics Enterprise Awards (June 16, 2009, Economic Review of Asia Economic News)