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Business Ethics

CEO Message

CEO Message

The proud foundational spirit of patriotism in steelmaking based on sacrifice and service is the spiritual foundation that must be permanently preserved and cultivated by all POSCO members.

The values of integrity, fairness and trust have been the greatest assets that made POSCO what it is today, and they also embody the greatest value criteria that will sustain POSCO and open up a new future.

POSCO's business focus, which first began from steel, is broadening its scope; and its sphere of activity is also now reaching out to the world beyond Korea. Our ethical standards should also be elevated to meet those of world-class levels.

I will place utmost priority to ethics in management, and raise the company to the upper echelon of the global business community. To this end, I will channel all necessary interests and efforts as a CEO and spare no management resources. We must keep in mind that with regards to POSCO's management philosophy, ethics should always take priority over benefits when the two are in conflict; and we must always give top priority to ethics in all judgments and behaviors.

We will strictly adhere to a zero tolerance policy for the four unethical practices, such as accepting bribes, embezzlement, fabrication of information, and violation of sexual ethics. Our esteemed employees! We must firmly establish an ethical corporate culture and allow ourselves to become the best trading partner for clients, the best investment for shareholders, and the best workplace for the enduring happiness of employees.

Accordingly, we must evolve POSCO into a company that achieves win-win growth and development alongside all of our stakeholders. This is the way for us to fulfill our vision of POSCO the Great.

September 2015 POSCO CEO Kwon Ohjoon