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for Green Planet

for Green Planet

Clean Ocean Voluntary Activities+Green Walk Campaign( in house energy >' "Earth Environment Keeper" Project

Clean Ocean Voluntary Corps

Since the Clean Ocean Voluntary Corps was founded in November in 2009 by POSCO, the company has worked to clean the marine ecosystem by removing waste such as fishing nets, tires and tents from the ocean. With 300 members of POSCO employees and their families, the corps cleans wastes both above and under the sea in Pohang and Gwangyang each month. The corps will do its utmost to appeal to the general public by shooting underwater photos of the ocean ecosystem while engaging in cleaning activities and undertaking eco campaigns more generally.

for Cultural Heritage

POSCO is carrying out supportive activities for cultural heritage to enhance its image as a company which respects Korea's culture and traditions, as well as to enable its employees to be more creative and empathic by participating in cultural and art activities.

  • Activities to promote traditional culture by utilizing cultural and art infrastructure including POSCO Art Museum and POSCO Center for concerts
    • Performance of intangible cultural assets at concerts; exhibition of Korean culture or works of human cultural assets at the museum
  • Support for the restoration of traditional cultural assets by harnessing the steel technologies of POSCO Family
    • Restoration of Sungnyemun, one of the eight gates in the fortress wall of Seoul (support for making traditional ironware)
    • Restoration of the steam locomotive at Jangdan Station in the demilitarized zone (conservation treatment of metal)