Local Community

POSCO supports local communities to assist their growth. Centered on Pohang and Gwangyang in Korea, POSCO is establishing a foothold for growth through holding local festivals, sports ∙ cultural ∙ educational development programs in order to vitalize the local economy. In other countries where POSCO has entered, POSCO-driven activities based have been taking root through taking on board regional differences, contributing to local communities.


Every year, POSCO researches the needs of local communities, assesses regional cooperative projects, and conducts survey on likability towards POSCO..

  • Analysis on the likability towards POSCO and outcome of regional cooperative projects (Pohang, 1993~)
  • Research and study on the likability towards POSCO based on the assessment of regional cooperative projects (Gwangyang, 2009~)

& Interaction

The Regional Cooperation Teams of the steel mills in both regions have been communicating with local residents continuously by encouraging their staff to participate in voluntary services and providing welfare to local communities.

POSCO community self-reliance / win-win activities
Affiliation with Local Communities - 1 Department twinned with 1 Town Starting with Hagwang Village in Gwangyang in April 1988, the company entered into a range of alliances with villages, including 125 in Pohang, 117 in Gwangyang as well as 7 villages and 32 schools and organizations in Seoul, aiming to solidify relations between local residents and POSCO based on trust and mutual communication.
Enhance Self-motivating Capabilities of Local Communities through Vitalization of Local Economy
  • Run campaigns to buy locally-grown rice and give gift certificates redeemable at traditional markets as POSCO rewards
  • Develop tourism resources through "Pohang International Fireworks Festival" and "Gwangyang Sunshine Festival"
Efforts at Developing Sports, Culture and Education
  • Support balanced development across the cultural landscape by operating art halls and art museums in Pohang, Gwangyang and Seoul
  • Establish Korea's very first stadiums dedicated to soccer and nurturing regional soccer clubs
Efforts in Enhancing Social Welfare
  • Continue regional activities of "Fix House with Love" (Pohang 2005~, Gwangyang 2006~)
  • Run regional childcare centers
  • Run experience learning programs for local teenagers (Steel Class, Junior Engineering Class, etc.)
  • Run programs to experience the culture of Seoul for local children

Establish Social Enterprises (Create Jobs)

Create Sustainable Jobs to Give Hope to Underprivileged Groups of People (Establish and Support Social Enterprises)

Through establishing and running social enterprises, POSCO is contributing to making communities better where everyone becomes better off and more considerate to the weak. The goal is to realize the value of social unity by reinvesting into local communities the profits and technical know-how of well-established local social enterprises. Through this, POSCO will launch more diverse and active support measures. Since 2011, each of the 17 POSCO Family companies has supported one social enterprise by purchasing its goods and services, aiming to create a basis for domestic social enterprises and their sustainable growth.

Social enterprise established
Category Detail of Business Socially disadvantaged class Total number of employed / Socially disadvantaged class
POSCO HUMANS With Business Unit Washing of work clothes; Call Center; Office support Physically challenged 341/179
Eco-Housing Business Unit Construction of eco-friendly steel houses; Manufacturing of construction materials Low income class & Senior citizens 125/104
POSPLATE Management of steel plate warehouse in Gwangyang Steel Works; Making of specimens Low income class,Long-term young unemployed 190/106
Songdo SE Cleaning of Songdo POSCO office building; Parking management North Korean defectors, Low income class 130/118
Support the ecosystem
  • Purchase goods and services of one social enterprise by one POSCO Family company
  • Support social enterprises in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul
  • Participate with the government in creating funds for social enterprises
  • Support establishment of social enterprises for multicultural families
  • Support franchises of the multicultural cafe
  • Smile ("Miso") microcredit banking: Support opening up of businesses