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Korea's multicultural population is rapidly increasing: the population that posted 570 thousand in 2011 is anticipated to reach 1 million by 2020

In order to approach people from various nationalities and cultural backgrounds with an open mind, POSCO has been actively providing support to multicultural families.

Since signing an MOU with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in 2010, POSCO has carried out diverse activities to improve awareness of multicultural families, help with employment issues and provide pathways into business in order to provide stability to the lives of immigrants by marriage, and prepare motivation programs to strengthen the bilingual capabilities of children from multicultural families. In 2011, POSCO paved the way for practical aid by establishing 'Danuri Call Center' to provide consultation to immigrants by marriage.

  • Support multicultural families to settle down
    • Provide information on Korea to Vietnamese marriage immigrants before they arrive in Korea
    • Hold group wedding ceremonies for multicultural families in need
    • Provide loans via Smile ("Miso") microcredit banking to support opening up of businesses of multicultural families
  • Create jobs for multicultural families
    • Increase awareness through holding forums on multicultural families as well as job fairs for multicultural women
    • Support projects which create jobs for women marriage immigrants :Nurture native language instructors; Make franchises of the multicultural cafe Operate Danuri Call Center, multicultural families
  • Provide education to children from multicultural families
    • Strengthen multilingual capabilities of children from multicultural families: Nurture talented people who are competent both in Korean and native languages of their mothers
    • Hold concerts at POSCO Center together with multicultural families