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Starting with the ideals of 'Steel Patriotism' with its message of 'protect the country by producing steel', POSCO is steadily achieving the dream of 'Education Patriotism' with its steely determination. Leaders in science, global leaders, community leaders and leaders who practice the virtue of sharing - all such true leaders are being nurtured as those who fulfill their social responsibilities and lead the way as examples to all Koreans on how to live a happier life.

Global Talent (POSCO TJ Park Foundation)

The POSCO TJ Park Foundation is a social contribution foundation expanded from the POSCO Scholarship Foundation founded in 1971.

The foundation carries out POSCO's social responsibilities by expanding roles in fostering next-generation talent, Asian networking, and social contribution and taking part in the company's sustainable management.

Major Programs of the POSCO TJ Park Foundation
  • POSCO Asia Fellowship : Establish an Asian network for mutual cooperation and exchange between Asian countries.
  • POSCO TJ Park Prize : Awarded to individuals or groups that contribute to society in the science, education, and community development.
  • TJ Park Science Fellowship : Support selected scientists conducting research domestically to grow into global scientists.
  • POSCO Regional Scholarships : Support excelling high school students or teenagers in need in the Pohang and Gwangyang regions where POSCO's steelworks are located.