Environment Communication

POSCO acknowledges the important role of communication with stakeholders to create transparent environmental management and supports a variety of activities by communicating with NGOs, environmental groups and communities.

POSCO discusses the environment issues with relevant experts and, always seeking to learn, we are on the constant look out for possible activities and further ways to respond to environmental issues.

  • 2011 Carbon Colloquium view
  • 2012 Environmental Colloquium view

POSCO participates in the activities of domestic and foreign institutes and academic associations. These include the World Steel Association for international cooperation and information exchange over the environmental issues facing the steel industry. We also work to share new environmental technology by exchanging technology with other global steelmakers. In addition, we have completed MOU with SMEs through cooperation with the government on implementing the kind of environmental management that grows together with local SMEs, with such activities starting to be supported from April 2011.