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The steel industry, which is a key user of various resources and energy, has tremendous influence on the economy, society and environment. Ever since it was founded, POSCO has embodied its core values: respect for the environment and humanity as a whole, aware of the characteristics of the steel industry. In 2003, POSCO proclaimed sustainable management linking economic profitability, environmental soundness and social responsibility to its business activities and created a CSM team (Corporate Sustainability Management). Since then, it has strived to systematically implement its business activities fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities.

Sustainable Management   System
Discuss the schedule for the Sustainability Management System
Category Frequency Chairman Participants Subject
Environmental Management Committee Annual CEO CEOS of POSCO Family companies Establish a management strategy for POSCO family on environmental energy
Shared Growth Counsel Biannual CEO/CEOs of SMEs POSCO executives, CEOs of POSCO Family Companies and CEOs of SMEs Establish a shared growth strategy, performance review and sharing
CSR Committee Annual CR Div. head POSCO executives and outside experts Review a plan to improve CSR programs (strategic CSR, communication with interested parties, investor CSR etc.)
POSCO Family Safety Committee Biannual Head of Carbon Steel Dept. POSCO executive of the relevant dept. / CEOs of POSCO Family Companies Review and establish a strategy of safety performance of POSCO Family
Green Growth Committee Biannual CEO POSCO executive of the relevant dept. / CEOs of POSCO Family Companies Review and confirm the master plan on POSCO Family's Green Growth
Fair Trade Compliance Counsel Biannual Head of the External Cooperation dept. Heads of groups related to fair trade (12 depts.) Share trend on fair trade and establish plans
Evaluate the activities of leaders in the pursuit affair trade