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POSCO Sustainability

POSCO has been a main force for Korea's economic development since its foundation in 1968. Celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2013, POSCO will expand the founding philosophy of steelmaking patriotism to the world, and create a new success story.

Dow jones Sustainability indexes Seleted as Dow Jones Sustainable Company for 5 consecutive years
Environment and Energy Social Contribution Partnership Business Ethics
  • Environmental
  • Management System
  • Environmental
  • Management Achievement
  • Climate Change Policy
  • Eco-friendly Products and
  • Process
  • Carbon Neutral Program
  • HR Development
  • Regional Community
  • Mecenat
  • Volunteer Service
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Supportinh SMEs
  • Fair Trade Corporate
  • Compliance Program
  • Background
  • Code of conduct
  • Rules of conduct
  • Guidelines

Charter of Firm of Endearment

POSCO has achieved remarkable success and growth to become a global leader with outstanding competitiveness and strength. Moving beyond a great company, POSCO is now well-poised to make a second big leap toward a firm of endearment that contributes to sustainable growth of the society and welfare of the mankind through its unique philosophy and value. At the same time, we shall pursue a balanced value between business, people, society, and environment in order to become a firm that is truly loved by all stakeholders. (Announced on June 9th, 2011)