Electrical Galvanized Steel

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Electrical Galvanized Steel

There are plating facilities of Horizontal type and Casosel type. The horizontal type is moving horizontally in the plating bath and both faces are plating at the same time and produces double faced plating materials not generating band mark. And the carosel type can produces a product which is proper to the customer's requirements such like coating ability, corrosion resistance ability through free control of plating quantity - one side, deflection, double faced plating etc. - by one side by one side plating, steel plate rotating with adhesion to conductor roll. Producible plating kinds are Pure-Zn, Zn-Fe, Zn-Ni, heterogeneity plating And also recently, the production quantity of environment familiar steel plate is increasing with demand increasing, which is not coated with Cr.

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Types and Uses


This is used for slight forming such as as-flat roll forming or bending and available Pure-Zn, Zn-Fe, Zn-Ni.

  • Pure-Zn : It is the general purpose of material used for automobiles, electrical appliances and internal and external material of building. For automobiles, it is treated with the phosphoric acid sodium and for those of electrical appliances, it is treated with the phosphoric acid sodium and antifinger print resin.
  • Zn-Fe : This shows good paintability and corrosion resistance after painting. It is suitable for automobile outer panels and both-side coating is applied for inner panels.
  • Zn-Ni : This shows good weldability corrosion resistance and paintability and is preferred to inner or outer panels of automobiles.
  • POSCO : EGSC, EFSC(Zn-Fe), EFSC(Zn-Ni)
  • ASTM : A591-CQ
  • DIN : ST1203EG, ST1205EG

This is suitable for the parts that require a drawing fabrication, therefore mainly used for drawing parts of automobiles and home appliances. Product types and surface characteristics are same as commercial quality.

  • POSCO : EGSD, EFSD(Zn-Fe), ENSD(Zn-Ni)
  • ASTM : A591-DQ
  • DIN : ST1303EG, ST1305EG
Deep Drawing

It is used for Deep Drawing processing and if the validity guarantee is required. It shall be ordered with the SECEN For Standard of KS/JIS., and the products available for production is Pure-Zn, Zn-Fe, Zn-Ni. It is used for the seamless product of automobiles and electrical appliances and the characteristics of surface is same as those of CQ.

  • ASTM : A591-DQSK
  • DIN : ST1403EG, ST1405EG
Extra-Deep Drawing

This is suitable for the parts that require extremely deep drawing fabrication and anti-aging property, therefore mainly used for the sophisticated parts of automobiles and home appliances. Product type and surface characteristics are same as commercial quality.


This has a high strength property and is used for structural or stiffening materials. This cannot be recommended for the drawing parts owing to the poor formability. Pure-Zn, Zn-Fe, Zn-Ni coatings are available.

High Strength Quality

This is used for parts that require both formability and strength. Recently the application is expanded to the automobile panels in view of weight reduction for the improvement of fuel economy and safety.