Galvanized Steel

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Galvanized Steel

It is the equipment that applies zinc plating by dipping a sheet of hot-rolled steel into a molten zinc pot so as to be coated with zinc deposits.

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Types and Uses

Commercial Quality

This type is mainly used for automobile muffler, vending machine rack and pipes in addition to the use for flat sheet and the product to require roll forming. Besides, it is widely used for materials of construction and furniture.

  • ASTM : A526, A653-CQ
Bending Quality

This type is used for internal components of home appliances, lighting equipments, automobiles, construction and furniture with applications that require quality guarantee for bending.

  • JIS/KS : SGCD1
  • ASTM : A527, A653-LFQ
Deep Drawing Quality

This type is used for applications that require excellent formability and a certain period of aging guarantee. It is mainly used for air conditioner panels, cleaner covers and automobile parts.

  • JIS/KS : SGCD3, 3N
  • ASTM : A642, A653-DQSK
Structural Quality

This is widely used for construction materials and for the products like deck plates, ducts, purlins and panel parts that need high strength. It cannot be used for the applications that require drawability since workability may not be secured.

  • JIS/KS : SGC340, 400, 440, 490
  • ASTM : A446-A, B, D, E, F, A653-SQ230, SQ255, SQ275, SQ340
  • POSCO : CGC35, 41, 45, 50
Drawing Quality

This type is used for applications that need drawing when forming. The major applications are electronic microwave ovens and automobile parts.

  • JIS/KS : SGCD2
  • ASTM : A528, A653-DQ