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Automotive materials

POSCO supplies automotive materials to Korean automobile companies as well as other companies worldwide, including those in Japan, the Americas and Europe. POSCO¡¯s automotive materials possess excellent hardness, process ability, corrosion resistance, formability, painting and hatching, and they correspond to the requisite functions and appearance for each part. POSCO supplies only high-quality products that have passed strict quality certification. As a company, POSCO maintains its place as the global top automotive materials manufacturer by developing technologies, providing solutions and implementing customer relationship management.

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Types and Uses

High-tensile steel
  • Bake hardening steel, HSLA(C-class & YS guaranteed), Re-phosphorized Steel, IF HSS(E/ES-class), ATOS
Ultra high-tensile steel
  • DP steel, TRIP steel, CP steel, FB steel, TWIP steel
Post heat-treated steel
  • HPF, Autobeam, STAB
High-functional steel
  • Lubricant coated steel sheet, fuel tank steel sheet, pre-sealed steel sheet, polymer coated steel sheet for components