The core keyword of POSCO¡¯s brand identity is ¡®trust.¡¯
POSCO¡¯s trust is the power that made the POSCO family (group companies, subsidiaries) and customers, the people, government, and stakeholders cooperate together for co-prosperity and form the foundation of Korea¡¯s industrialization. Based on the power of this trust, POSCO will continuously strive for innovation to lead the future¡¯s industry, creating lives of more abundance for the people.

posco brand identity

Core Brand Idea
Brand Vision
Opening a better tomorrow with trust.
Brand Mission
With the value of mutual benefits striving for co-prosperity and development of the POSCO family, and POSCO¡¯s sincere desire in creating a more abun-dant future for customers, we are stepping forward together for a better tomorrow.
Brand Values
Co-existence in co-prosperity, fundamentals as the foundation for various industries and the future, inspiring for the future¡¯s possibility, and enriching making life more abundant.

Brand Slogan

The brand slogan is a way to efficiently communicate POSCO¡¯s brand identity while also proclaiming and promising the value POSCO strives for to others.

POSCO¡¯s slogan, ¡°We move the world in silence,¡± expresses the dynamics of opening the world¡¯s tomorrow based on boundless trust and POSCO¡¯s position always by the people¡¯s side making life more secure.