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Making a better world with dreams and hope, materials and energy

Management Goal/Principle Vision 2020

Open Management
Open Management Listening
Win-win approach

By listening to the voice of stakeholders and enhancing standards of corporate activities, POSCO will grow into a respected company


By enhancing competitiveness through collaboration with suppliers, customers and subsidiaries and facilitating the pan-POSCO level management, POSCO will


By talking knowledge with open mind and stimulating communication among different levels, departments and generations, POSCO will establish a vibrant corporate culture

Creative Management
Creative Management Attention

By overcoming the threats of technology imitation and overtake from the competitors and creating our own technology and products, POSCO will become a frontrunner, creating customer values


By expanding production base and marketing abroad, and by developing new business and diversifying the axis the growth, POSCO will become a global company


By fostering competent workforce and strengthening the challenge sprit, POSCO will fortify our sustainability to survive in the world

Eco-Friendly Management
Eco Friendly Management Ethics

환경을 보호하고 에너지 다소비 CO2 다량배출의 철강산업의 한계를 극복하여 저탄소 녹색성장의 새로운 성장도약을 성립하고자 합니다.


In preparation for the environmental issues, we will pursue innovation in steelmak-ing process and expand green development project on pan-POSCO level


POSCO will establish a long-term master plan for the paradigm in world steel industry and build an industry-academic cooperation system for eco-friendly management

Core Values

  • Customer
  • Challenge
  • Execution
  • People
  • Integrity

Practical Guides

Guiding Principles
  • Principle 1. isten closely to customers and think from the customer’s perspective.
  • Principle 2. Value the customer’s trust and promote growth together with customer.

Integrating customers into our success is a key management principle of POSCO

  • Principle 3. Do not fear failure and always pursue a challenging goal..
  • Principle 4. Shed away from fixed ideas and find creative solutions.

The challenge of transforming the impossible reality is an indomitable sprit of POSCO

  • Principle 5. Be open about tasks and eliminate waste through constant management.
  • Principle 6. Continuously improve and standardize processes and comply.
  • Principle 7. Value the field and execution and increase results through mutual cooperation.

Reaching goals through ceaseless execution is a working attitu

  • Principle 8. Respect a person’s individuality and diversity with an open mind.
  • Principle 9. Develop oneself through proactive self-improvement and strive for growth together with work.
  • Principle 10. Always think and practice safety first in everyday tasks.

Reaching goals through ceaseless execution is a working attitu

  • Principle 11. Carry out all tasks transparently and fairly and strive for benefits for all stakeholders.
  • Principle 12. Recognize the environment as an ethical responsibility and lead eco-friendly technology development and low-carbon as a way of life.

Adhering to ethics and integrity is a basic polocy of POSCO