Standard of Conduct

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Standard of Conduct

1. Respect for Customers

  • We will maximize customer satisfaction by respecting and being considerate of customers.
  • We will create customer value through continuous innovations on our goods and services.
  • We will build customer trust by providing accurate information and protecting customer information.

2. Protection of Investors

  • We will increase corporate value by implementing continuous management innovation and growth strategies.
  • We will respect shareholders' and investors' rights and the investment profits and timely provide necessary information.
  • We will respect shareholder's rights, legitimate demand and opinion.

3. Happy Workplace

  • We will provide a working environment where creativity is respected and one can fulfill one's potential.
  • We will implement fair and equitable evaluation system and provide appropriate rewards for performance.
  • We will build a corporate culture of mutual respect through trust and open communication among the company, executives and employees.
  • We will provide employment terms corresponding to the international standards and the local regulations such that the employee and his family can maintain a happy life.

4. Win-Win Management

  • We will respect our business partners on equal footing and engage in fair dealings with them.
  • We will grow together with our business partners by pursuing mutual interest and mutual development.
  • We will build a corporate eco-system with virtuous circle of win-win cooperation by providing proactive support to our business partners.

5. Environmental Management

  • We will establish an environmental management system based on international standards.
  • We will observe environmental regulations and continue to improve environment taking into consideration the overall process including injection of raw materials, use of products and disposal of the same.
  • We will minimize discharge of pollutants by introducing clean production process and applying proper pollution prevention technology.
  • We will improve efficiency of eco-system by building resource-circulating society with effective use of natural resources and by-products.
  • We will reduce discharge of greenhouse gas by using clean energy and applying green technology.
  • We will pursue sustainability by disclosing the results of environmental management and maintaining transparency in management.

6. Corporate Citizenship

  • We will contribute to the mutual prosperity and development by fulfilling our responsibilities and duties in the community.
  • We will pursue harmony by respecting the laws, culture and the values of the community.
  • We will launch diverse non-profit activities for the development of the community and actively participate in social service activities, such as volunteer works and disaster relief work.

7. Human Rights Management

  • We will respect human rights as fundamental rights of mankind, and support internationally recognized human rights standards.
  • We will conduct due diligence to enable implementation of management system that respects human rights.
  • We will respect basic rights of employees guaranteed by international standards and local laws.
  • We will make a good faith effort to timely discuss and resolve human rights related complaints and problems raised against us.

8. Ethics Management

  • We will comply with international standards and the local laws concerning human rights, labor, environment, culture, and economy.
  • We will not engage in any illegal activities with interested parties in connection with business.
  • Executives and employees should not obtain personal profits through the use of corporate assets or information.
  • We will pursue fair competition with competitors and honor fair transaction order.
  • We may limit transactions with companies engaged in illegal activities such as tax evasion, accounting fraud and pollution.
  • Executives and employees will not engage in any activities that might bring profits to specific political parties or social organizations via their positions or nature of the work in the company.
  • Executives and employees will not engage in any activities that may harm the reputation of the company.
  • We will continue to operate ‘Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Guideline' to effectively comply with laws concerning the international anti-corruption laws, the details of which are set out separately.